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  • Fuzzball - Bought Twice, Defective Twice

    I decided to try Dorco because of the relatively positive reviews and the price. I ended up buying two razor handles and ended up having the same problem with both of them. I needed tweezers to disconnect the cartridge from the handle every time. The small part that is suppose to push into the cartridge to release it kept missing. I thought the first handle was just defective, so I purchased this package again to get a new handle. I had the same problem with the second one! I looked back on the reviews, and apparently I'm not the first reviewer to experience this problem.

  • W. Wright - Worthless

    Worthless Junk! Dad ordered 2 (one for him and one for a friend). He ended up with 4. Unfortunately, he did not stop to think (or his head was not clear enough) that if hearing aids cost in excess of $5,000 a pair and many times are difficult to get adjusted just right, how will a pair for $30 work? They are worthless. Unless you are nearly deaf and completely broke and absolutely no way of hearing anything, they are not worth ordering. BTW, still attempting to determine if additional charges for Identity Protection and Preferred Shoppers $19.95 each (monthly) and the Identitiy Protection was doubled (so far 6 charges for $19.95 each) are linked to his purchase from TV ad for these. It was the same day...... Just saying.....

  • Stephanie TAng - It does work, and I'm so happy with it!

    I stalked this product on sale for about 1 year before I finally decided to buy it. I was worried that it wasn't going to work, and it's not exactly cheap. I guess I was deterred by negative reviews. However, this is a great product.

  • C. Sherwin - It works!

    I purchase this product for my 86 year old Mother who was hospitalized with chronic diarrhea and this product has certainly helped her. I recommend it highly. I would like to see the price drop some but it is an excellent product for anyone with digestive/bowel problems.

  • Beanomly - Not overpowering and the kids like it.

    I picked this up for my kids who are big apple juice drinkers for a change. They both really liked it and said the cherry flavor was different, but not overpowering. It is now gone and I heard no complaints which is saying something. Believe me, if they didn’t like it, it would sit there forever.

  • Jessica K. - Worth the money spent on learning games

    We have the leappad 2, saw this ultra at a great price and decided to get it. It is great. Bigger screen, no wires needed to upload content and the kids love it. My only complaint is it is a little slow and luckily my kids don't realize it.