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  • Amazon Customer - It's a Foot Spa!

    Fantastic! Nevermind that everyone asks where I got them, and how THEY want a pair. These are THE most comfortable shoe since the UA Clutchfit Drive 1. Nothing beats THAT shoe as a whole. I also have the Kobe X Elites, and nothing beats THAT traction. Again, the Crazy Explosive is a literal "foot spa". Cozy, lightweight, incredible cushion, bouncy and very good traction! The unique lacing DOES lock you in, just not like typical high top lacing. Easy to put on/ take off too!

  • Jazzma - I had an old tube that I loved but thought it was too old to safely keep ...

    I think they've changed their formula. I had an old tube that I loved but thought it was too old to safely keep (due to potential bacteria), so I bought this one. I've bought better, cheaper dime-store brands.

  • John Adams - Hard to get perfect results, but looks OK and does seem to hold up

    Prep: I did not sand, but I did clean with muriatic acid (diluted about 3:1) and some green scrubbie pads first. That seemed to be enough to give the paint a good surface to stick to. Use a less noxious modified muriatic acid (available at any home center). The fumes aren't as bad and it doesn't burn if you get it on your skin as the regular stuff will. It is really important if you have silicone anywhere that you completely remove it. Use something like 

  • Reanna - My Favorite Coffee!!!

    This is my absolute favorite Starbucks coffee!! I literally wait all year for Casi Cielo to come back out and I try every year to by a full years worth. Of course I drink it too often to make it last the whole year. :)

  • Megan F. - love this game

    love this game! so much fun! only down side is you only get a few songs and you gave to pay if you want all the new songs.

  • Sue Weaver - Discoveries From Animal Studies, That Translate Into Curing Disease In Humans, Through Nutrition

    The overall information is very good. I wasn't so interested in the veterinarian background. Dr. Wallach is also a Naturopathic Doctor as well, and, although his discoveries were from working with animals and how some diseases can be cured through his discoveries, It was more interested in the outcomes and how his discoveries can help humanity.