Bariatric Surgery | LAP BAND | Gastric Band | Dr. Bagnato | Macon - Located in Macon and Albany, Georgia, Palmyra Surgical is the most experienced bariatric (weight loss) surgery practice in Southwest Georgia.

  • Online Seminar Sign Up | Palmyra Surgical Gastric Band Surgery Specialists - Online Seminar Sign Up Learn about weight loss surgery by viewing a 30 minute seminar online. There's no obligation and no fee. Just enter your n...
  • Lose Weight with Surgery for Weight Loss in Macon &Albany Georgia - Experience effective weight loss in Macon with weight loss surgery at Palmyra Surgical. Dr. Bagnato specializes in Lap Band Surgery in Macon and Albany, Georgia
  • Laparoscopic l Bariatric Surgery | Albany | Valdosta | Macon | Columbus | Georgia | Dr Bagnato - Gastric band surgery with laparoscopic or minimally invasive techniques by the most experienced lap-band surgeon in Georgia - Dr. John Bagnato
  • LAP-BAND Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery in Macon & Albany - Dr. Bagnato is the number one provider of LAP-BAND surgery in Atlanta and surrounding areas from his office in Macon south Georgia
  • LAP-BAND Advantage | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus - Learn about the advantages of LAP BAND surgery for weight loss such as minimal trauma, lower risk, fewer side effects
  • Lap Band Weight Loss Results after Bariatric Surgery in Macon & Albany - LAP-BAND surgery can give you the same weight loss results as procedures like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, but with a lower risk of complications.
  • Lose thirty plus pounds in 6-months without surgery, pills or dieting. - With the ORBERA intragastric balloon, you can lose weight easier than through diet and exercise alone, but without obesity medication, and without surgery
  • vBloc Therapy performed by Dr Bagnato in Macon and Albany - Using tiny electrical impulses from a small neuroregulator, vBloc reduces hunger sensations and simulates fullness to assist people lose weight
  • LAP BAND Adjustments | Gastric Band Fills | Realize Band Fills | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta - Learn how Dr. Bagnato's port placement makes LAP-BAND adjustment easier and, in most cases, free in Georgia
  • Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery |Albany & Macon, Georgia - Find out if you are eligable for weight loss surgery in Albany and surrounding areas of Georgia, Macon, Dothan, Valdosta, Columbus, and Tallahassee FL
  • Realize Band | Gastric Band | Palmyra Surgery | Albany | Macon | Valdosta l Georgia - Weight loss surgeon Dr. Bagnato offers Realize Band bariatric surgery in Georgia, including Albany, Macon, Dothan, Valdosta, Columbus & Tallahasse, FL
  • Weight Loss Surgeon | Bariatric Surgery Support | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus - Learn about weight loss surgeon, Dr. John Bagnato, and the bariatric surgery support team at Palmyra Surgical in Georgia
  • Dr. Bagnato—Your Weight Loss Surgeon in Macon for Lap Band Surgery - Dr. Bagnator is your weight loss surgeon in Macon who specializes in Lap Band weight loss surgery for Macon and Albany residents of Georgia.
  • Bariatric Surgery Support Team | Georgia | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus | Tallahassee | Palmyra Surgical - Meet the weight loss surgery support team assisting patients prepare for surgery and make weight loss lifestyle changes in Georgia
  • Patient Results for Weight Loss Surgery - Learn about Dr. Bagnato's patient results for Weight Loss Surgery at Palmyra Surgical in Macon and Albany, Georgia.
  • Getting Started with Lap Band Surgery - Are you ready to get Lap Band surgery? Learn how to get started and what steps to take to start improving your health and lose weight.
  • Weight Loss Surgery | Palmyra Surgical | Albany | Macon | Dothan | Valdosta | Columbus | Tallahassee - Attend a free weight loss surgery seminar to learn details about bariatric surgery in Georgia
  • Gastric Band Guide | Weight Loss Surgery Information - Learn more about weight loss surgery in our gastric band guide. Find out about Lap Band and how you can lose weight.
  • Obesity Health Risks | Bariatric Surgery | Albany | Macon | Columbus | Georgia - Weight loss surgery makes the problem of obesity manageable, helping people to lose weight and to significantly improve health.
  • Weight Loss Surgery in Georgia l Weight Loss Medication l Albany l Valdosta l Columbus l Georiga - There are many weight loss options to be considered: dieting and lifestyle change, weight loss medications, weight loss surgery.
  • Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery l LAP-BAND in Albany l Albany l Macon l Georgia - LAP-BAND and REALIZE Band are the two adjustable gastric bands that are approved for use in the United States by the FDA. Adjustable gastric band surgery is nor
  • Bariatric Surgery in Georgia l Gastric Band Surgery l Lap-Band l Albany l Valdosta l Macon l Columbus l Georgia - Preparing for Bariatric Surgery, preparing yourself physically and emotionally is quite important.
  • Gastric Band Surgery in Georgia l Surgery Complications l Albany l Macon l Valdosta l Georgia - A brief overview of what to expect on the day of your adjustable gastric band surgery.
  • Bariatric Surgery Diet l Bariatric Surgery in Georgia l Gastric Banding l Albany l Valdosta l Georgia - Post-bariatric surgery diet consists of three steps: liquid diet, pureed diet, and soft food diet.
  • Dealing with Health Issues after Weight Loss Surgery - After weight loss surgery you may experience some common health issues as a result of the changes made to your body and diet.
  • Living With Your Gastric Band | Palmyra Surgical Gastric Band Surgery Specialists - Living With Your Gastric Band Your lifestyle is made up of the actions you make repeatedly. This includes the foods you eat, the amount of activity...

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