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  • http://www.parilmanlaw.com/dangerous-drugs/actos-side-effects/ Actos Lawsuit - Actos Class Action Lawsuit and Actos Litigation Parilman & Associates - Actos was initially seen as a success with treating the problems associated with type 2 diabetes, but serious side effects began to develop.
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  • http://www.parilmanlaw.com/dangerous-drugs/avelox-side-effects/ Avelox Side Effects Lawyers - Avelox Lawsuit - Parilman Law Firm - The FDA has issued public warnings with regards to Avelox. If you have been harmed as a result of using this medication, contact the Avelox lawyers at Parilman & Associates today.
  • http://www.parilmanlaw.com/dangerous-drugs/benicar-side-effects/ Benicar Side Effects - Benicar Lawsuit from Benicar Lawyer - Parilman & Associates - Those searching for a Benicar lawyer have most likely suffered through immense pain and other terrifying symptoms that have been associated with the use of this high blood pressure medication and it was originally approved for use in the United States by the FDA in 2002.
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  • rainier63 - I tried to like it, but the app made me hate it

    I really tried to like it. I wanted an alternative to Tile for my keys that allowed me to replace the battery myself, and I decided on the MYNT over the Trackr as it seemed to offer more features like the audio controls that Trackr doesn't, BUT unfortunately that's really the only plus. The deal-breaker for me was that the app kept crashing every day on all my devices, and in general it was just not easy to use. I think the hardware and concept is great, but the software kills it. Only other minor complaint is that the reminder when you walk away from the tracker it is too quick to assume you lost or forgot your device... I wish it would wait for 150 ft or 30 seconds before the notification as I would get it just from walking around my home. Unfortunately I had to return it and I will be looking into something else, possibly the Trackr bravo this time

  • Mick Donalds - Here's an honest, helpful, REAL review

    I too am suspicious about any of these “Excellent” reviews. I came across eSalon through nCrowd deals and thought I’d try it since it “sounded” good and supposedly professional type coloury, so I purchased it. I received the package and was impressed with the presentation. However, was extremely disappointed. First it is extremely strong of chemicals and ammonia, which I do not use for my hair but I tried it not knowing. I’ve had professional hair colours and also drug store colours for 3 decades so I know what my hair is supposed to feel like and smell like, and after I put it on, it is SO VERY strong, I had to put my t-shirt up over my face to breathe. My husband had to leave the house he couldn’t stand it and I was in the bathroom. Also right away I could tell it was stripping my hair and the texture of my hair felt very bad, so after only 15-20 mins (half the time they said to) I tried to rinse it out ASAP. And again, is so strong it actually wasn’t even rinsing out and my hair texture felt really bad, like straw, I was scared and kept rinsing forever, and had to also shampoo my hair & rinse thoroughly 3 times to get it out! and I never have to do that. I slathered on my own intense conditioner and left on for 3 hours so it would reverse the dryness. So obviously I was not ever going to purchase this product again. God only really knows what’s in their formula.

  • Amazon Customer - Enjoyed!!

    I really enjoyed this story. The characters were great and I loved how they handled the situation. I was hoping for a little better ending with more details. I loved how Dante treated her and the way he made her feel. I'm sure she was still confused about her family.

  • Michael L. Graetz - Product won't install

    Tried installing on a computer with Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Appeared to install but will not start, not even to register, just opens a window outline that can be closed by clicking in the upper right where the window close X should be, but is otherwise functionless. Uninstalled and reinstalled, with the same result. So the program is useless to me.