Oklahoma Mental Health at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Parkside is a private, not for profit psychiatric hospital and outpatient clinic. Parkside has been a leader in Oklahoma mental health since 1959 and has programs for children, adolescents and adults.

  • http://www.parksideinc.org/services Tulsa Behavioral Health Center at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Founded in 1959, Parkside has over 50 years of experience as a Tulsa Behavioral Health Center. We provide the utmost quality care and support for our patients and their families.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/services/inpatient-treatment Tulsa Inpatient Mental Health at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Parkside is a leader in Tulsa’s inpatient mental health care with programs designed to stabilize and treat people in crisis.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/services/intensive-outpatient Tulsa Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Parkside’s intensive outpatient treatment program was created for people with both a chemical dependency and a psychiatric diagnosis that have been unsuccessful in maintaining abstinence with traditional therapy treatments.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/services/tulsa-counseling Tulsa Counseling Services at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Parkside’s outpatient counseling programs are designed to treat individuals in a clinical setting while also allowing them to continue with their daily home lives. Our programs serve ages 6 and over who are struggling with life’s difficulties and find them hard to manage alone.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/services/adolescent-psychiatry Tulsa Adolescent Psychiatry at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - For many growing up is stressful and can bring emotional and behavioral problems. In some cases, safety, physical or mental health concerns will require outside help; Parkside’s adolescent psychiatry programs offer a variety of options for treatment.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/services/assessment-a-referral Psychiatric Assessment in Tulsa at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Our intake team for Psychiatric Assessment is staffed with licensed mental health professionals ready to listen and assess an individual’s situation. They are highly skilled in assessing crisis and responding appropriately, and are available 24 hours a day.”
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/services/substance-abuse-treatment Tulsa Substance Abuse, Substance Abuse Treatment in Tulsa - As a help center for Substance Abuse in Tulsa, Parkside offers an effective treatment program for individuals struggling with chemical dependency and prescription drug dependence.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/wellness/pet-therapy Pet Therapy - Our team of therapists in Tulsa, Oklahoma include members for both inpatient and outpatient treatment and serve children, adolescents, and adults.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/aboutus/clinicalteam Clinical Team at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Parkside’s staff will provide you with the highest quality care to help you move past difficulties in your life. Our team will help you begin taking positive steps to improve your mental health.
  • http://www.parksideinc.org/aboutus/clinicalteam/psychiatrists Tulsa Psychiatrists at Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic - Your challenges and life difficulties are unique so we understand your search for answers will be also. When you call, our team of dedicated Tulsa Psychiatrists is here to help you determine the best care to support your well being.

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