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  • Jodie Peters - Review of H&R Block at Home Deluxe 2011 WIN

    I purchased this software for a Federal Tax Accounting class and it worked sufficiently for the course. Well worth the money.

  • Abby Miller - ... messenger bag since 2008 and it is still in great condition. Bought a new one to upgrade sizes ...

    I have had a Timbuk2 classic messenger bag since 2008 and it is still in great condition. Bought a new one to upgrade sizes from an XS to a Med. I cant recommend these bags enough. They hold up extremely well, have just the right number of pockets, are comfortable, adjustable, and overall just awesome.

  • A HARGETT - Awesome quality without breaking the bank

    Please brushes are a great substitute for the higher-end designer brands. You get plenty of variety for the price and the quality is wonderful. I did receive this product for free in exchange for my honest and fair review but the price of a product has never altered my opinion of the items functionality or purpose which is why I am happy to provide my services to any potential customers. First word of caution the packaging on these is horrible. But I do not base my star review on certain packaging flaws period in this case the floor was the smell of the plastic that they arrived in. That is not a problem with the product itself but a manufacturing process problem. But I can say thankfully all I had to Simply do was pull them out of the package and leave them on my AC vent for about 15 minutes and the smell was 100% gone. Hopefully if you order these they have read this review and they have changed the plastic that they arrive in. Other than that I have no problems whatsoever with these brushes. I have actually even given several of them away as I do not use all of the brushes that come with this set. The biggest head of the biggest brush is approximately 1.25 inches wide and 1 inch long. The smallest head is approximately 1/2 inch wide buy three quarters of an inch long. I did not measure these but I'm pretty good at eyeballing. All of the heads are synthetic but they are extremely soft and pliable. They hold a decent amount of makeup butt without holding way too much. I have not had any problems with fibers falling out or the colors not being properly adhered to the handles or the fibers. A lot of the cheaper ones what kind of jiggle and eventually cause a problem but with the brush head completely falling off. That is not the case with these at all. Each one is numbered so if for some reason you use a particular number for a particular type of eyeshadow it's easily found. I like that it came with several brushes that are very similar to one another. But I'm not one of those people that has to have the exact type of brush for the exact type of application. As long as it functions and it puts the makeup on properly and effectively then I will continue to use it for that purpose. I do particularly enjoyed the largest of the brushes 4 Foundation and blushing. They could also be used for bronzing if you liked a more high definition look. I prefer the giant Kabuki brushes for bronzing. 4 blushing and Foundation they are wonderful. My favorite brush of the kit is the e05. It is the only one that is slightly firm in that it has a high amount of fibers and makes it dense but not stiff. It is perfect for highlighting under the eyebrows in corner of eyes and such. But I also use it for creating the smoky eye as well. It is by far my favorite. I did give several of these brushes to my niece and she absolutely fell in love with them. If I had to pick a downside it is only that they did not come with a case or a cup 2 store them in. I would have loved to have received a nice cup so that these could be displayed. I would definitely purchase this again and I have and will continue to recommend these to family and friends. I hope that this has helped you in your purchase selection.

  • sloshkong - Great way to get better

    The only reason I give it four stars is because the downloadable content is pricey. I have been playing guitar off and on since 2004. I play both the bass guitar and elect guitar. I'm now in a rock and roll band playing the bass and this game increased my skill tenfold.

  • Robert Melbye - The TV's are good quality (usually), but apparently their customer service is the worst.

    I see a number of customers here had a lot of trouble with their tv's. I must have been lucky. I've had mine for over 2 years now, and , the only problem to report is a lack of input codes for universal remotes, as their remote for this model is junk.

  • laura - Great Product

    I've been using this for about a year and I really do like it. I notice my "mature" skin feels softer and healthier and some fine lines have been reduced. As far as wrinkle fighting products go this is your best bet. There is no magic in a bottle no mater how much you spend,believe me I've tried so many different products.My skin is in better condition than when i started using ROC and that's a win.No need to spend hundreds of dollars for a luxe line when this will do the same,if not better job. I'll stick with ROC unless someone finds a fountain of youth in a bottle.