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  • D. P. - Good Product and Good Price

    I take niacin in order to raise my good cholesterol (HDL), and to lower my triglycerides level. This product does both of these things for me. In my opinion, immediate release niacin such as this product, is the smartest form of niacin for my purposes. It does what I want done, and is, in my opinion, the cheapest, most effective, and the very safest way to do this. Immediate release niacin does cause a flush. But understand that if you don't get the flush, you probably won't get the desired benefits. You wouldn't buy a sports car, and then have the motor removed so that it won't go fast. With a sports car, the thrill of going fast is probably the reason you buy the product. With niacin, you have to have the flush, if you want it to do for you what you buy this type of product for in the first place. As with other niacin products, immediate release niacin could somewhat raise your average blood sugar level, and it could possibly effect your liver. At least, this is what I've read. It hasn't bothered me.

  • Jimbo - This is a hidden gem on Amazon

    Fantastic generator! Lightweight, not too loud and works great. I unpacked it, added oil and fuel and it started on the first pull. That was unreal! It powered my 110v MIG welder just fine. It also ran my woodworking thickness planer too. However, it wouldn't run my large air compressor. It's a single stage compressor with a 35 gallon tank. The motor has a start capacitor and a run capacitor. When the motor starts it should get spinning on the start capacitor and then switch to the run capacitor in the blink of an eye. When plugged into the wall it happens so fast you don't notice it. When plugged into this generator it starts on the run capacitor but never switches over. Both the generator and the air compressor started jumping and bouncing around. Craziest thing I have ever seen. It was obvious that sustained use would destroy both. I did plug in a friends pancake air compressor and that ran just fine. i think the air compressor is simply too large for this generator. Google this - it apparently is a common issue with all generators. That's not why I bought this, however. It's still 5 stars and worth every penny.

  • Grady - Great, but...

    I do not usually try earbuds. I served for 20+ years in the Navy as an engineer and wore hearing protection most of my career. Ear buds do not stay in my ears. My navy hearing protection was either triple flange ear buds or the over the ear (Mickey Mouse) kind. I tried these because triple flange was an option. I am glad I did. They are great because when I cut the grass I wear these under my mickey mouse ears and because they are so small there is no pressure from the other hearing protection, (which are worn over these) while I am cutting the grass. The only reason why I do not give 5 stars is my battery life has not been what is advertised. I put them on after fully charging them overnight and they die before I finish cutting my grass. While cutting grass I only listen to music, no phone calls. It takes from 2 hrs to 2:15 to cut my grass. I use an app to track my steps with a timer so I know my time is accurate. I have used them twice and they have quit at the 1:45 and 1:50 respectively. I may choose to buy another set since they are much less than most others I have seen.

  • sunshine3215 - GREAT PRODUCT, IT DOES WORK

    My heels had a lot of cracks, this item works, if you use it everyday, you will see results. I used to use coconut oil, put on socks etc. this item works better than anything you just have to KEEP using it. I will always purchase this item. At night when I am in bed for the night, I put it on and go to bed, some night I put on socks, many nights I did not. I will say, BE CAREFUL IN THE MORNING, when going in the tub, if you heels feel even remotely slippery, either whip your heels before going in the tub OR, put a wash clothes in the tub and stand on the watch cloth. Anything to prevent yourself from falling. This cream is not super slippery don't misunderstand, this item did not make me slip or slip, don't misunderstand, I'm just adding my comments as a reminder, if you put any item on your heels you might feel slippery.