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  • SteveO - Not what I was hoping for

    I was hoping this would provide a lot of supplements in one package, and maybe it does, but I just don't feel it is giving me what I want. I think I get a much better result from buying the products separately. That means a lot more work for me, but I feel the results are much better. Some positives are that it does provide a lot of scoops per container, whereas I have had other stuff settle and barely get half a container. The taste is good, but it does not mix that well with a spoon in water so use a shaker if you can. Maybe its just my body chemistry, but I am not a big Muscletech fan. I get better results from other brands. I guess with this high of a rating, some people must really love it. I really don't get the pump I want, and I am not getting water retention from the creatine which makes me feel it isn't working right. Even with the recovery carbs, I don't feel like I have any extra energy or recover faster, in fact the opposite is true. I give it a 3 stars.

  • A. Cohen - This works!

    We had the bad luck to bring home fleas from the beach house this summer. With a baby in the house, I was nervous about applying any kind of poisonous spray in the house. When an exterminator described how their product genetically prevents developing fleas from maturing, I thought, no way do I want this growth-retardant in the house with my baby! I looked up Fleabusters and read many reviews before deciding to go ahead with this product. The length of time it's been around, as well as the fact that it is listed as part of the safe treatment plan for infestations in schools helped make my decision. Basically, this product is listed as LESS NOXIOUS than other chemical forms of flea treatment. It is even listed as a first step for action by schools experiencing flea problems. That makes me feel a lot better about applying this product and having it present in my home. Since the dust sticks to the fleas and acts as a desiccant, I have less concern about it impacting my daughter's development should she come in contact with any microparticulate that may linger. An external form of killing fleas is better than a poison that affects their nervous system, and by extension, ours! No thanks.


    I bought this detangling attacement to go with their Handleless hairdryer ! OMG it works so well to straighten my curly tangley fine hair that i dont even have to use a flatiron to straighten unless I miss the very back curly underneath hair !..I was very suprized it did this..This piece is universal so you can use with your current hair dryer, I purchased the handleless one because I have R.A. an the weight of a regular dryer was getting to much for me to hold...I know my hair actually drys faster then it did before, I believe it's because of the extra side vents on both sides above the comb part...I f I had a con, it would be that you kinda have 2 hold it on the end 2 keep it from falling off of even their brand of dryer it fits on tends to be a little lose, but in the month iv'e had it It has only fell off a couple of times..Not enough for it to be a real bother, I think they need to make it so its a tad tighter in the ribbing inside so it stays on a little snugger...


    Ignore the title!! If you have any GI distress you should read this book. Every MD in the USA should read this book, it will change the way you practice medicine, with better prevention, and patient outcomes. I am a nurse and I can see the myriad applications and benefits to proper gut health. Gut health = Good health.

  • SupaFly12 - Nice mop but I would still go old fashion route

    My complaint with this mop is that the suction squeezing cup is too big/wide, so I cannot slide the mop under tables/desks that have a bottom shelf 3-4 inches high off the floor to clean under. It does a nice job for a quick cleaning but it does not do a great deep thorough cleaning. I still give the advantage to the good old fashion mop for major floor cleaning.