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City: 8.55 Zurich, Switzerland

  • Mandy - Looks sweet installed so quick I am very happy with this ...

    Looks sweet installed so quick I am very happy with this purchase as well came a week earlier than estimated!

  • Jack Rhody - Does what is says and easy to use.

    I bought this to learn how to set up a dvr security system. This was easy to use and works well. You get what you pay for.

  • Omoyemi - Kaplan NCLEX-RN

    I would recommed this book to anyone who is planning on taking the boards, the strategies really helped me even more than the class itself. I had failed NCLEX twice for my third time I used this book and now NCLEX is history and I'm an RN

  • Thomas Paine - The best for your money

    I believe this is the best hose you can buy for your garden/lawn. However, let me be honest, ALL HOSES WILL KINK but these do it much more seldom than most and only after the summer sun has got them warm/hot. I have 3 each, 100 foot and will order another shorter one soon. They are extremely durable and worth the few dollars more. I had some in Central Asia (long story) where the summer sun was a constant 105-120F and they held up with no problems unlike their predecessors. Again, I believe this is the best hose for your money, reliable and durable. You get what you pay for.

  • Dylan J Okimoto - Useful insights into shopping at the souks and how to ...

    Tons of information that allowed us to explore the medinas of Marrakech and Fes. Useful insights into shopping at the souks and how to bargain.

  • Anonymous - Sales people like Piranha!

    I had a very aggressive sales person at the mall today hand me a sample as I walked by. She then literally pulled me into the store and started her spiel. Very fast talking, overcoming all of my objections. Before I knew it, she swiped off my makeup under one eye and stuck on some product under that eye. Asked my age and flattered me..pulled out all of the stops. As she was talking, I noticed an older lady in the back corner of the store who was being barraged with very aggressive tactics by 2 sales people . They were talking to her harshly and were up in her face. It was alarming to see the look on this poor helpless senior citizen's face! She looked frightened. I immediately shut my sales person DOWN and stormed out of the place. The product under my eye remained like cement until I got home and removed it. Awful experience, awful under eye product. Beware!

  • Lizbeth - Violence against women, badly written romance, and a soupçon of homophobia

    I'm ashamed to admit that I did finish this book because I was hooked enough to want to know who the killer was, but also so I could do the public service of writing this review and saving you from having to read it.