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  • Charles Pitman - great product...

    great porduct met expectations...will be extremely helpfull supplement to pt for my recent back surgery...will be purchasing the other options...

  • Disciple of God-B.R. - Great Product

    this product is great; it is exactly what it advertises and I would surely recommend it to all my friends

  • J. Doles - Solid racket

    So far this racket has held up to over 30 games. I'm a novice player, but I think for the price paid this is a solid racket. A co-worker bought the same one at the same time. No issues on his either.

  • Matt A. - Nice smelling and soft to the skin

    I'm looking forward to this and how beneficial would be the effects. I do get puffiness when i lack sleep and i have bags too. Nice smelling and feels soft to the skin. I like the compact and simple packaging. Item came in time and packaged well. I got this item discounted for my honest review, so far I'm liking this product but still too early to tell. I will update within a month on how it goes.

  • debbie berridge - Fourth cup of Bragg Vinegar, Organic only use this ...

    Fourth cup of Bragg Vinegar, Organic only use this. half of a cup of water. Mix pour on your head wait a half hr twice a week. be patient and about six weeks latter will see new hair. JUST SAVED YOU A LOT OF MONEY. Why this works don't really know but my hairdresser is passing this around now.

  • kathie Drake - Baaaad can...?

    I'm a Scotchguard fanatic (give me material, it's Scotchguarded!) but this can dispensed big, wet, sloppy droplets that produced faint "circles" where the droplets dried, even after vigorous shaking (the can, not me...).

  • Miranda - Cleared up my acne, but harsh on the skin

    I give this 4 stars because it was the ONLY thing that cleared up my acne. I have been using this for about 3-4 months now. But it is really harsh on the skin. Basically if you use this product your face will be red, itchy, dry and will burn for about a month-2 months after you start. But eventually your skin gets used to the BP and it really worked to get rid of my acne! I still have a few spots (because I pick at my face. Horrible, I know) but it's 1000x better since using the Regimen. I still have dry skin while using it, I'm guessing that it being winter is making it dramatically worse, but I can't use the lotion anymore because I found it was actually breaking me out more. I do have pretty sensitive skin. All the big ugly bumps are gone now and the redness and acne scars can be easily covered with makeup. Very happy with this purchase.