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  • barbyd32 - An enjoyable read but didn't work for me!

    I read this book with enthusiasm as I was looking for something to help me with EHS. It was very well written and made a lot of sense and I was very hopeful it would work for me! After finishing the book, I ordered a set of mats and the bands. I checked my outlet with the tester they provided to make sure it was grounded. It was! I proceeded to attach the grounding cord to the band and then to my wrist and proceeded to put the other end in the grounding hole. It wasn't long before I was experiencing some of the symptoms I do with electromagnetics...... headaches, shortness of breath, generalized aches and pain. I waited a couple of days and tried it again. Sad to say, it did the same thing. I do believe the stories of others who received help from the Earthing. It just didn't work for me! I will continue my search for something else that will help me and I am happy many found help with grounding!

  • P Nelly - light helmet, solid protection

    So I've bounced around helmet brands for quite a while now. I started with a Bell, graduated to a Limar, and came to this, my current helmet, from a Lazer. Luckily I didn't fall prey to any major accidents throughout my biking history (knock on wood), so everytime i switched it was for comfort/ease.

  • carrie - I really like this light

    I really like this light! It is nice to have for selfies. It has 3 different light settings which is really cool to take selfies in each one and go through the pics to see the difference. It works well and clips on well. One thing is that it has a weird warning label on the box that I can't remember word for word but basically use at your own risk.

  • Amazon Customer - YONEX Arcsaber Sigma

    Played the first time with the racket today and I gotta admit: I love it. Very well balanced (head light), light weight, good string. I only put another layer of grip around it because it was a little to small for my hand. You can control your smash very good without loosing power.

  • Ran Swift - Great shipping! Good product!

    Product was what to be expected, didn't fit my car perfect but works, will do business with them again good service.

  • Tom Judd - Great stuff

    I tried this oil a while ago. I got it from me repair guy, he says it's all he uses and he services all types of equipment. I felt it solves all the various oil to gas ratios that I need and is the best for the enviroment and a lot less smoke.