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  • K. J. Hodges - works better for me than prescriptions

    I have had arthritis in my neck, hips and knees for many years, and was prescribed a couple of different medications -- that didn't work as well for me as Tylenol Arthritis Pain formula. I have recommended Tylenol Arthritis formula to my family and friends.

  • michelle satterfield - )if something is too good to be true

    I would not even give this a rating, but I have no choice. It's the old addage (spelling ??)if something is too good to be true, it usually is. You have to watch what you eat, exercise and drink lots of water. I have tried all the prods from this company and it's a SCAM, plain and simple. I did not buy from either. I bought this crap at a party. Don't fall for this stuff. It's a waste of your time & hard-earned money and all these people who write rave reviews work for It Works, so they're just lying to you. The product is crap!!!!!

  • Markita Brown - Worse Television I have ever owned

    Worse Television I have ever owned. The speakers are on the back so unless you have a surround sound you are blasting the speakers. The customer service expereince is horrific, you sit on hold for at 45 minutes and then a recorder comes on and ask you to leave a message. Don't bother, no one ever calls you back. I purchased the TV on 12/08/2013 and on 10/01/2014 it stop working. I had to pay to send it back and I still havent received my replacement. Stay away from this brand!

  • Danielle K - Great space saver!

    We bought this for our twins and I will be ordering a second one because we love it! We have a very small house and our kitchen table is in our tiny kitchen. I thought about getting a Fisher Price Space Saver, the kind that sits on your chairs. But then I realized it wouldn't save any space if the chairs couldn't be pushed under the table and even though these do stick out from the table, they are far less bulky and take up less space and we still have a 4 chairs available if we need them. I'm really happy that I went with this style of high chair. I was worried that it wouldn't work with our table because the table has decorative metal underneath but it actually fits perfect! The arms have rubber grips that clamp on securely to the table. I am not sure if you are supposed to wash in the washer, but I did. I took the whole thing apart and took out the seat padding and it washed up really good. I set it out to dry as my dryer really loves to shrink things and I didn't want it to be too small to fit back on the frame!

  • BigMoose - This stuff works pretty well, it gives me a boost when I ...

    Started a lifestyle change. Beginning weight started out at 375. By changing my diet (about 1000 calories a day), taking multivitamins, exercising 40 minutes a day (cardio and the "7 minute workout") and taking this I have lost 32lbs in one month. This stuff works pretty well, it gives me a boost when I don't want to work out . I definitely sweat more when I workout and am warmer while I sleep. I get a kind of blah feeling in my stomach after I take it which I can only guess is the appetite suppressant. Just watch what time you take the stuff because if your taking it after 5pm expect to lose some sleep. Other than that it is a good product to help me along my journey.