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  • Dolores Allen - Ms. Brockmann at her best.

    Just like catching up with old friends. I especially loved the part where you could catch up on the babies (or not). A gift that had me laughing out loud along with many heartwarming moments. Cannot wait to meet "Grunge".

  • justadame - Good, stubby, antenna

    Antenna came quickly and I was surprised at how short it really is. It works pretty well and it's size keeps it out of harms way of hitting the garage door so that is another plus. Nice product.

  • Charles Watt - Don't pass this up!

    Before ordering this shirt I was a shy, nervous computer/sci-fi geek, fearful of women and utterly dominated by my Sikh supervisor from Bangalore. After reading the numerous testimonials to the power and life-altering aspects of this legendary, yet strangely beautiful, Three Wolf shirt I decided to throw caution to the winds and attempt to purchase the more "manly" existence that I felt I deserved but that Bowflex had never given me. (Granted it sits, dusty and neglected in one corner of my efficiency apartment. The first time I tried it I nearly fractured both forearms.)

  • Rich A - High Quality OEM style Roof Rails and Crossbars

    The quality of the product is very good. Outstanding value. As good, if not better than Honda OEM roof rails and crossbars for less money. Took about 3 hours to install with basic hand tools, torx and hex wrenches, hacksaw. I would have given 5 stars, but the manufacturers directions and part labeling were very poor. Probably could have completed the job in less than two hours if the directions were more detailed and the parts were labeled or coded with stickers. Measurements in the directions are done in millimeters. I found it easier to convert the measurements over to inches before starting the assembly. Also be aware, a couple of the roof rail covers were preassembled with the rail foot-beds by the manufacturer and had to be disassembled prior to installing. The directions made no reference to these parts being preassembled. Also a good idea to use Loc-Tite thread sealant on the roof studs, rail cap-nuts, and crossbar botls to prevent loosening due to vehicle vibration.

  • nicolas svoboda - I love this product

    I love this product, i have been using it for 4 years and it as made my life way easier, i leave it on for 7 minutes (i know the bottle said 6 minutes max but for me 7 works better) and hair goes all away. with the first swipe. Also be careful on what parts of the body you put it on, and try it first on a small area when you use it for first time, i use it everywhere regardless it said you shouldn't because it does not hurt me but you have to be very careful, also beware that you don't use it after you have shave lately in that part because it hurts as hell. by the way girls love the results.

  • Jesse Allen - The earbuds themselves fix securely onto the ear after adjusting the size.

    When I first picked the earphones out of the packaging, I was worried that the wire connecting the ear pieces together would be too short, but they ended up fitting very comfortably and loosely around the back of my head. The earbuds themselves fix securely onto the ear after adjusting the size. They come with three different sizes of earbuds - small, medium and large, so the sizing can be changed. Overall, when wearing the earphones, they are comfortable and easy to put on.

  • Gym S - Exceeded expectations. Left me wanting more.

    First, the cast is outstanding. Billy Bob Thornton has this great down to earth, if-you-cant handle it, stop asking for the truth delivery. He makes every scene better. William Hurt, well, I'll never consider a clicker as a dog training aid ever again.