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  • soxgirl1215 - An Awesomely Good Time

    I love this cookbook. It has a lot of British Recipes in it and it tells you from which Harry Potter book (chapter and section) that food was mentioned. I made the Yorkshire Pudding in it once and became addicted so it is now something I regularly make. While there are a lot of desserts featured in the book, other things like foods mentioned in Hogwarts great feast are also listed as well as some very traditional ones that would be expected to served in the Wesley house. Everything I have made from the book has been great although I there are a few ones that I don't ever seeing me make, but that is the way with any cookbook. If you are a Harry Potter fan or your kid is, this is a great way to experience another side of it. Make a Harry Potter meal to eat while you watch the DVDs.

  • mrmikemrmike - Rockin !!

    Thanks for the speedy delivery. And so everyone knows Beyond Tangy Tangerine tastes like a typical sports recovery drink. A tropical Gatorade or Powerade, so any of these comments that it tastes awful are really off-base.

  • Lauren R. - Great Anti-Virus

    Not nearly as intrusive as a lot of the other anti-virus software out=there. Half the price of a lot of others, yet better protections offered. I don't know why I haven't been buying Kaspersky all along!

  • ThatGuy - it is not the DRM, this game is just plainly BORING

    people rating this game at one start because of the DRM are silly. The DRM is the LEAST of the problem. The problem is the game itself.

  • Erin Woodell - Get Running Sooner Postpartum!

    Like many new moms, I was in a big hurry to start exercising and losing baby weight. To my dismay, I learned that jogging strollers are not safe for infants. Enter the BOB Car Seat Adapter! My prayers were answered. This super simple attachment has made my BOB Revolution Flex able to accommodate the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat. Now I can jog safely with my baby until he is big enough to sit in the BOB seat on his own. I love that the adapter makes the car seat face me so I can also look at my baby, talk, and interact with him while I run. The only downside to this adapter is the price-- it seems a bit steep but at the end of the day it is totally worth it to be able to be active and safe with your baby.

  • Hailey - Don't get your hopes up.

    This does NOT work to pass a hair follicle test. Don't waste your money. I figured it wouldn't work but gave it a try anyways....sorry, I hate writing reviews, just would rather anyone else who thinks it might work not get their hopes up.

  • Mary A. Newman - Netflix had a great idea and we love it!

    They are so quick in sending and acknowledging returned films, it is amazing. We don't know how they do it.