PMS International Group plc - PMS International Group Plc is a UK based stockist, wholesaler and distributor of toys, plush, giftware, stationery, garden products and more

  • Corporate Headquarters | PMS International - PMS International, Summit International and Ethos Housewares headquarters are in Basildon Essex, UK
  • Operations at PMS International HQ - PMS International Group Plc's operations span Europe and the Far East and have a huge warehousing and stock holding facilities in the UK.
  • PMS Group plc Showrooms - PMS International Group Plc Has Showrooms in Basildon Essex and Manchester Displaying All Our Products
  • Product Ranges | PMS International - PMS International Group Plc manufactures and distributes their own brands created in house and a number of Licensed Brands too.
  • Design | PMS International - PMS International can produce bespoke packaging and products for customers due to our in house art department, design department and photography department.
  • PMS International Events - PMS International Group Plc attends many Amusement and Leisure Trade Shows and UK Exhibitions throughout the year
  • Summit International & Ethos Housewares - PMS International is the parent company to camping and outdoor leisure gear distributor Summit International and housewares distributor Ethos Housewares
  • PMS Far East - UK wholesale importer and distributor of consumer products to the retail trade market

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  • Mlrlite - I usually hate the feel of microfiber

    I bought this towel in the smaller size color purple. I bought it with the intention of putting in my hiking/canoe/lake backpack but so far it hasn't left my bathroom. I usually hate the feel of microfiber, the feeling of it snagging on your skin. However, this towel is so soft, even after a few washes on hot it has stayed super soft. I figured I would give it an at home test before I needed on an out door trek. This is a mistake that means I need to buy another one. I've used it on both my body and my hair and am impressed at how fast drying it is, both for me and for the towel itself. It pulls all the moister off my skin instantly and works great as a way to kick start drying my hair. I have thick, long, hair and it pulls the extra moister out without being super drying or causing extra frizz. It has become my hair towel and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a regular towel. My only complaint is that it is really soft. I know that's a strange complaint, but I like my body towels to be a little scratchy. Because I know this is a personal thing, I didn't feel the need to take dock it a star. If I could I would maybe go with a 4.5 rating.

  • Sandy K. - Great Argan oil for your face!

    This is one of my favorite Argan oils. I have used many from many different companies, but this one I will buy again. I use this one almost exclusively on my face. It does not have a yummy scent but it doesn't stink either. The scent is very mild and after a couple of uses I didn't even notice it anymore. It is light and absorbs into my skin beautifully.