Pouso & Prosa | Roteiro e artesanato - O projeto Pouso & Prosa – Roteiro do Artesanato tem como objetivo valorizar o artesanato de tradição como patrimônio cultural brasileiro, promovendo o desenvolvimento humano dos artesãos e ampliando suas oportunidades de trabalho e geração de renda. O site Pouso & Prosa – Roteiro do Artesanato é uma ferramenta de informação em que o internauta tem acesso aos dados coletados e pode, com isso, planejar a sua viagem com tranqüilidade, escolhendo com calma, os melhores locais para se visitar, os lugares para comer, dormir e muito mais.

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  • Saul J. - Quick easy way to make your car look a good different

    Looks good on my car, but make sure you take your time, clean the surface properly and make sure you do it when you have sun light to line things up correctly.

  • Amber B - They work!

    My six week old son seems to have a lot of gas issues. He will scream this horrible screen of pain and it takes forever before you can get the gas out. I bought these probiotic drops and crossed my fingers. After a few days I noticed that my son was not as gassy and irritable. After a week or so I forgot to give him The drops and I noticed he became gassy and fussy again. I resumed giving him the drops and after a couple of days he was all better. I will not forget to give him the drops ever again. I swear they make a big difference. It's a very small amount that he gets so it's simple to administer. It comes with a marked dropper. This does not need to be refrigerated. I use other Mommy's bliss products and I love them all. I will repurchase.

  • J. Duggins - 7 treatments in - no results

    I received the I-Light on May 1, 2012, to high expectations. I'm sorry to say that I have been sorely disappointed. I had been waxing for about a year before I tried this system. I wanted to stop waxing due to the horrible ingrown hairs I would get in my bikini area. I hoped that since my hair follicles were already weakened that I would have good results.

  • jenney - The amazing constantly crashing chromebook

    Had I reviewed this computer 2 weeks ago I would have given it 4 stars (taking 1 start away for it not being able to run Netflix yet, though a whole star seems harsh). It's amazingly light. It boots up fast as lightning. It's taking some getting used to not having any storage space other then online, but obviously I knew that was the case when I bought it. It worked great for about 3 weeks. Then all of a sudden it started to freeze or the browser would shut down. My first review it shut down in the middle of typing in fact *update - it has now happened twice in writing this review*. I timed it and I get 6 - 10 minutes of active time before it freezes or shuts down. It literally froze in the middle of typing an email.

  • Jack21 - Printing bargain

    I got tired of constantly buying ink cartridges, and am convinced that the cartridges are being loaded with less ink (verified by my print count). I have tracked ink purchases and find that in a little over a year this printer should pay for itself in ink savings. So far, the printer has performed flawlessly, and the ink tanks are still almost full. That, plus no frustration of running out of ink at an inopportune time, makes this printer a bargain. Prints are crisp and clean and rival those from a laser printer. The only downside so far has been in Epson's scanning software, which is not full-featured enough for me. All-in-all, though, this printer is the bargain of the year. Ink savings alone will make this a free printer. Let's see - free printer and no out of ink frustrations, plus good quality printing. I can't imagine why anyone would want any other type inkjet printer. Epson has won me over as a company that cares enough about me as a customer to make printing affordable again.