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  • Bijuterii - Bijuterii Balante pentru bijuterii, Bijuterii, Bijuterii fine, Bijuterii handmade, Bijuterii Snururi Licurici, Bratari, ceas, Ceasuri, cercei, coliere, Pagina 1
  • Birotica si Papetarie - Birotica si Papetarie Accesorii, Altele, Biberoane, Birotica, Calculatoare, Consumabile, Copiatoare, Cronometre, Cutii de arhivare, Diagrame, Pagina 1
  • Casa si Gradina - Casa si Gradina Accesorii baie, Cadite baie, Pelerina ploaie, Saci pt iarna, Umbrele soare, Accesorii, Accesorii si Decoratiuni ferestre, Altele, amenajare gradina terasa, Animale de casa, Pagina 1
  • Constructii - Constructii Accesorii tamplarie, Acoperis, Acoperisuri si invelitori, Adezivi, Adezivi si lianti, Altele, ameanjari, Amenajari interioare, Caramizi si pavele, casa lemn rotund, Pagina 1
  • Cosmetica si Medicala - Cosmetica si Medicala Articole igiena, Sterilizatoare, Termometre, Altele, Antiacnee, Aparate pentru masaj, Aparatura medicala, Colesterol, Cosmetice, Echipament medical, Pagina 1
  • Electrocasnice - Electrocasnice Aburizator, Aer conditionat, Afaceri, Altele, Ansambluri Oxigen, Aparate de aer conditionat, Aspiratoare, automate cafea, casete si discuri neinregistrate, centrale cu lemne, Pagina 1
  • Electronice - Electronice accesorii, Accesorii aparate foto, Accesorii camere video, Accesorii console, Accesorii copiatoare, Accesorii Desktop, Accesorii electronice, Accesorii gaming, Accesorii GPS, Accesorii imprimante, Pagina 1
  • Genti si Valize - Genti si Valize Altele, Genti pentru aparate foto, Genti pentru scutece, Genti speciale, Genti sportive, Genti,portofele si posete, Materiale pentru fabricatia valizelor si gentilor, Piese si accesorii genti, Serviete si Diplomat, Unelte si utilaje de fabricat genti, Pagina 1
  • Imobiliare - Imobiliare hala, Imobiliare, Inchirieri imobiliare, teren intravilan, Vanzari imobiliare, Pagina 1
  • Industria Metalelor Feroase - Industria Metalelor Feroase Agenti Mineralieri si Metale, Aliaje feroase, Aliaje Neferoase, Altele, Balustrade si grilaje, Depozite minerale nemetalice, Deseuri metal, Fier si otel, Forja, Inox, Pagina 1
  • Industria Chimica - Industria Chimica Adezivi, Aditivi alimentari, Aditivi pentru furaje, Altele, alumina activata, Auxiliari chimici, Carbon radioactiv, Catalizatori, Cauciuc si produse adiacente, Cerneala tipografica, Pagina 1
  • Jucarii - Jucarii Accesorii carucioare, Carucioare buggy, Carucioare clasice, Carucioare combinate, Carucioare gemeni, Carucioare sport, Jucarii baie, Jucarii Creative, Jucarii de agatat, Jucarii de exterior, Pagina 1
  • Masini si Utilaje Industriale - Masini si Utilaje Industriale Aer conditionat, Agenti aprovizionari industriale, Altele, Aparat shaorma kebab, Aparate de masura si control, Automatizari industriale, Baterii stocare, Boilere, Cazane, Cilindrii, Pagina 1
  • Mediu - Mediu Agenti de mediu, Altele, aparate de ventilatie, Canale, deseuri, Evacuare gaze, filtre aer, Managementul deseurilor, Proiecte privind mediul inconjurator, Reciclare, Pagina 1
  • Mobila si Amenajari - Mobila si Amenajari Accesorii Mobilier, Amenajari Exterioare, Amenajari Interioare, bucatarii, Canapele, Constructii din lemn, Decoratiuni, etno design, Jaluzele, Masini si utilaje, Pagina 1
  • Moda si Vestimentatie - Moda si Vestimentatie Accesorii vestimentare, Altele, Aprovizionare, Articole barbat, articole copii, Articole dama, Articole de seara, Articole de vara, Articole din matase, Articole diverse, Pagina 1
  • Paza si protectie - Paza si protectie Agenti produse de siguranta, Alarme, Altele, Anti Efractie, Anti Glont, Anti Incendiu, Aparatura securitate, Echipamente de supraveghere, Explozibili civili, Garzi de corp, Pagina 1
  • Produse de ambalat - Produse de ambalat Agenti ambalaje, Altele, Ambalaje industriale, Ambalaje pentru Cofetarii si Patiserii, Ambalaje pentru Transport, Ambalare si Imprimare, Cuie pe bobina, Deseuri de Hartie, Etichete, Hartie, Pagina 1
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  • gnudung - Search may be less FUBAR than before, but still that acronym applies

    Kindle edition: it's a database, but it does not act like one. Just try to find a film, for example Frozen. The search will return a few characters from exacly 100 -- that's right -- one hundred -- entries. You get to click away to see which is the one you seek. Also, even if all you want to search are the reviews, it will search the lists, awards, cast, directors, &c. It's a great tool, the reviews are good, and VideoHound reviewers are much stricter than their competitors in awarding top marks, a feature I like. Search, aaaagggghhhhh.

  • Amazon Customer - For women

    Not sure how I got to this book, but I am obviously not the target audience. I'm male, this book was written with language to specifically relate to women. I like books with female leads, but I didn't find her inspiring or interesting. Compared to other 'romance' characters that are mild enough to appeal to males, like Kate Daniels or Charlie Fox, this is more women only.

  • CrystalCroc - I received the old design of their bottle, but it says it's still the exact same product.

    At first I was annoyed when I saw it was the old bottle design with the pink and black, thinking I received the wrong item other than the Baebody Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness, Wrinkles and Bags - The Most Effective Anti Aging Eye Gel for Under and Around Eyes - 1.7 fl oz that I ordered. But then I read the fine print in their photos and saw it says it's still the same product. I hope this is the case, and I suppose with all the good reviews it would be better to stick with the older one anyway. I have a lot of allergies and my four year old keeps waking me up in the middle of the night. I am hoping this stuff will help with the puffiness and therefore sunken-in eye look I get as well as any darkness under the eyes. I plan to change jobs soon, so I want to look my best. I will update this if it doesn't do as it says it will.

  • E. James Manuel - Oil and Fuel Treatment

    After my check engine light went on in my 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, I added 4 ounces of Sea Foam in my oil pan to kind of help loosen up all the gunk. Drove it for about 50 miles and then had the oil changed at the Dealer. I added the remaining 4 ounces of Sea Foam to my gas tank to help with the injector as well.

  • mommy21 - This product does not work well for me, I ...

    This product does not work well for me, I may have used too much because my hair felt very greasy after rinsing. My scalp started to itch after 2 days. It does work well for other people I know.

  • Foutzwoman - I love it

    I purchased three of these last month and have been using them for meal replacements. I sometimes add a veggie and fruit powder to power it up more, but it is great, I feel lighter and I know I am getting what I need. I am going on the "diet" starting today, using it for all meals, and I love it. I needed something to boost me while I still am exercising, cutting down some, and like the fact that it is so easy. I will continue to buy it for a meal replacement. So easy, the bottle is worth it, the book, not so much.

  • Tammy - Balding spots Beware

    I do see some hair growing where it was spare before. It's slow going but I do see stronger hair growing in so it doesn't break off so fast. I'm not sure if it will keep working but the start is good.