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  • VAMommy5633 - Great for people with sensitive skin

    I used to buy this occasinally at the overpriced organic market. Found it on amazon and am so happy because the price now makes if easier to use for my entire family. My husband is requesting refills and my kids don't cry when I rinse their hair. We all have eczema and this doesn't irritate our skin either.

  • LEGOC - Good idea just not executed well

    It does have Butter Beer and Pumpkin Juice (which is very complicated). Much easier recipes to be found. Good idea just not executed well.

  • Keenan Holloway - Poor Quality Assurance

    This devices freezes all the time. It's a good thing we got this with the gel padding accessory because my daughter has tossed this thing so many times out of frustration of it freezing. It has the option to watch movies wirelessly and she can usually watch 2 movies around 5 minutes in length before the application just closes and sends her back to the device startup menu. I had a idea that it wouldn't be as tested as an Apple product but had no idea it would freeze/crash this often.