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  • Christopher A. Woolley - only instructors have access to the errata sheets?????

    This is a very well written book, very good and thorough explanation of material. I would have given it 5 stars, except for one major issue:

  • JBender - it works but needs a better speaker

    it works but needs better speaker, very low volume, hope they release a new version with a better speaker that can be heard more then a arms length from the device

  • Abby Hewes - PASS!

    Ok, so my husband took one look at this thing and said, "Well if I had never shaved before, I guess this would be useful." However, hubs has been shaving for over 20 years, so it was just something that came in the mail.

  • OldJoys - One cup at a time

    This works great and is faster than the one cup drip type of coffee maker. Just pour hot water in and remove the grounds in the mess basket and instantly you have a great cup of coffee. This is safer as my old one cup coffee drip type would sometime tip over as it is top heavy when you fill it with water. I have gotten badly burned a few time because of that. I feel this is so much safer and faster too. I love it and am buying extras for gifts.


    Ok if ur clean for 5-7 days and do the 5 day cleanse befor then befor you drink this drink as much water as possible the idea is to b pissing water and this drink is supposed to put the vitamins minarals and creatine back into ur urine so it don't con back inconclusive or diluted but the lack of instructions is what makes me give this only two *s if I don't have lots of experience with this topic I sure would of failed so if u do go this route I hope u read this

  • James Renner - Amazing Book, It Really Works

    This book saved my marriage. After applying this book to my marriage, our relationship has gone from fizzling out to exploding back into bloom. Thank you, Athol! And thank you for telling it like it is, not what politically-correct folks would like to hear.

  • Amanda Acker - Drops for a Happy Baby

    These drops were a lifesaver with my little guy. He was having terrible tummy troubles and the doctor suggested probiotic drops. We started with the Gerber Soothe drops, but they are so pricey in comparison. I switched him to these drops daily. He sucked them up no problem and no more tummy issues!