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  • Amazon Customer - missing items

    when I received this item, it was missing the 2 9 volt batteries that were supposed to be included. Also missing were the bolt, nut and 2 washers needed to connect the base to the handle. Extremely disappointed!!!

  • Donald Shelton - Not ready for prime time, unfortunately

    We have 18 rental units I was considering putting the Nest (generation 2) into. Several reasons; to lock unintelligent tenants out from setting the a/c too low or heat too high and burning up our hvac (happens all the time), to experiment with converting some units to short term rentals (a la Airbnb), and to stop troublemakers from submitting claims their heat or a/c is out when it isn't (happens a lot more than you would think). Before such a massive investment - after all I can buy simple lock-out thermostats for $35 each - we did a test run with our own home. Because I deal with so many properties and property issues, I'm HVAC savvy (not an idiot, not an expert), and I'm very tech savvy. I installed the Nest and everything seemed to go well at first; wifi connected, it called for cooling, started learning, checked the wiring and approved (a cool feature) etc. Quickly though saw that it was reading the ambient temp too high. At rest (not calling for cooling) it was reading consistently three degrees high. No biggie, I can adjust the temp setting (stunningly, there is no ability to calibrate the thermostat though). However, when calling for cooling, it would then read the ambient temp 7-8 degrees too high. This inconsistency creates an insane loop; temp is 80 and you set to 78. It cools to 78, but now thinks it's 86 so keeps cooling like crazy until you notice that you are freezing at 72 (anything below 77 and I'm too cold and 72 puts such a load on the hvac it can damage it). Add the learning algorithms to this and it's total insanity. First I tried turning the learning off, but that didn't help the variances in ambient readings. In a pinch I would remove the Nest only to find that the compressor was still being made to run by the baseplate alone. Calling Nest they couldn't see anything wrong (wasn't heating up from too much pinging, etc.). Their suggestion was to disable the wifi anyway for a couple of days despite the pinging being OK and see what that did. All the symptoms above continued, but we added horrible noises coming from the compressor (like the solenoid clicking, but add some screeching in as well), and the Nest calling for heat when it was set to cool. I had had enough, pulled the common (current carrying) wire, and popped the breaker to the hvac just to be sure to save it from any more torture and spent the next 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Nest, trying everything the techs suggested. All I got was more screeching from my poor heat pump. After being transferred to a level 2 tech and talking at length, his thinking was the common wire was sending too much voltage to the baseplate (though the Nest can read the voltages and they read fine). Well, that's the first thing I told the level 1 tech that I had done - to pull the common wire because the faceplate was getting very warm (and is clearly the source of the ambient temp problems - the thermostat functions properly it's just the faceplate is getting hot). He wanted to send me another Nest to try to rule out incompatibility with my system (though we ran the model number and it's not on their incompatible list). We'll see if it overheats, but the one thing neither tech suggested I try with this one was to run it without a common wire to determine if that's the problem. What appears to be happening of course is that the voltage is correct and the faceplate is getting hot anyway so likely it just doesn't work. I would think running it without the common would have been one of the first suggestions. I'm a techie, tend to be an early (though not first) adopter of new gadgets; this item has good intentions, but it is not ready for prime time at all. I have a new, ordinary heat pump; I wasn't throwing anything unusual at the Nest. I really can't call this product at beta stage yet; having now read so many suffering similar issues, this product is alpha; if you spend the big bucks on it, you're mostly playing with a new toy and giving Nest/Google experience/money to eventually get this thing to beta and beyond. The ultimate disappointment is that with all the features (and there are many) it actually can't do a normal thermostat lock-out function. You can set a range, either in cooling or heating but not both, and lock the local user into that range, but you can't simply say "don't turn the heat higher than this and the a/c lower than this". That's the primary lockout function - it's like the designers didn't understand the most fundamental use of lockout thermostats. I had such high hopes for the Nest, but this is an epic fail. Not even having basic lockout features makes it a head-scratcher to boot.

  • Byron Prinzmetal - Spelling and hot mail connector does not work

    Outlook 2010 is a great product if only all of it worked. If you don't also upgrade word to word 2010 from say 2007, the in document spell check does not work. If you are also trying to sync your pc with your hotmail account expect problems. I keep getting an error message 4102.

  • Kimberly Taylor - Love The Focus

    The fist time I tried this someone gave me a week sample and I loved it. I haven't weighed myself yet but, the focus I get is amazing. I'm only taking one pill a day. My mood is great and I get so much done at work it's crazy ! I am super focused during my workouts and I'm able to push myself more. Water intake is a must !!!

  • TFanci2010 - Big Sexy Spray, just got better!

    I have used Big Sexy Spray for years and love it! With Big Sexy Spray I only have to spray it across one time and my hair stays in place for hours. Imagine how thrilled I was, when I found it available in such a small size, because as many of you know, the airlines only allow two ounces or less of liquids when traveling. Now, when traveling I can take along my favorite hair spray "Big Sexy Spray" in this cute 1.5 oz. spray can. Plus, it's a great size to keep in my purse.