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  • glamazon - This is the BEST probiotic I have ever tried

    This is the BEST probiotic I have ever tried!!! My experience mirrors that of many posters on here. I had BV, cleared it up w/antibiotics, & then got a yeast infection due to the antibiotics. Why doctors don't know enough about probiotics to recommend to their patients are beyond me. I've tried other probiotics but the dosage was too low. A friend told me that her gynecologist told her about the repHresh Pro-B and that it really worked so I decided to give it a try and I'm so happy that I did. I could truly feel a difference in 1 day. By day 3, my balance was back on track. I take this along w/ the ultimate flora rts extra strength probiotic 30 billion. Since I've started this daily regimen, my vaginal & intestinal bifidobacterial levels are balanced. I don't miss a day and my life is so much better. I barely have any sort of a discharge which is normal.

  • David Pope - Awesome earbuds. I have tried many

    Awesome earbuds. I have tried many, many, many earbuds and these are by far the best. I run 3 miles a day 6 days a week and have been for over 30 years. These earbuds are light and comfortable. The bass is great and the sound quality is top notch. I own several other brands and these hold their charge longer and are easier to work with. I bought these at full price from amazon.

  • Mrsneu - Excellent without side effects

    I have been using Slim Quick for about 1 month and have felt a big difference. Increased energy, 7 lbs lost, and much smaller appetite. Love it. Be sure to take your last pill several hours before bed because you will have a lot of energy.

  • [email protected] - Excellent high-end audio product

    Very happy with these. The clarity is excellent, with minimum distortion at the top end and powerful, resonant bass frequencies. They create a pleasing warmth from vinyl, and minimise the inevitaable distortion from Mp3. Thoroughly satisfied, and would recommend them to even the most diffident audiophile. I'm not madly happy about the dread dimensional portal to the netherworld that has opened up next to my TV, though.

  • Jeremy - So far, no problems

    This trampoline came as described and was easy to install. I installed it in less than 1.5 hours by myself. The safety net came "pre-installed" onto the trampoline. According to the directions, you were supposed to slip the metal loops from the trampoline through the eyelet of the safety net. To my great pleasure this was already done, so all I needed to do was hook up the springs to the metal loops. I am not sure if every one of them is delivered pre-assembled like that, but it was nice and saved time. I dont see that it would be hard to do, but it would have been time consuming if I had to do it.

  • Kevin Boulder - It's too small

    I had to return this product when I mistakenly thought I had ordered the Galaxy S5 but then realized it was far too small.

  • ALAN WILLIAMS - will buy again

    I am not a computer geek, but the reviews say this is a good product, and I have not had trouble with bugs, so it seems to work.