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  • Amazon Customer - Can't beat that price!

    Yes, I did my research..this was the cheapest I've found for this size. I love this particular brand for my newborn, it's the closes thing to breastmilk with the added nutrients. It is absorbed faster, as well (just like breastmilk) so the drawback is your baby gets hungry easily (in 2-3 hrs.) I highly recommend this product for those supplementing or strictly formula-feeding.

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    This agenda is perfect in every way. It arrived earlier than expected, was in perfect condition, and I use it everyday to keep me organized.

  • Alicia C. - Didn't work for me BUT it might work for you.

    I don't know if 3 stars is the right way to rate this product. It didn't help me to produce more milk, but it didn't hinder me either (no side effects). Just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you though. I have heard many people say they swear by it. SO I think it's worth a shot especially if you've exhausted the other methods (or are unable to try other methods). At least one bottle is pretty affordable, so if it doesn't work you haven't wasted a ton of money (and zero time).

  • Mark in Texas - Well built!

    Great quality! Holds up very nicely to daily use and the TSA friendly laptop section is extremely convenient!