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  • Pyramids Pharmacy - Hormone Therapy for Men - Pyramids Pharmacy | Hormone Therapy for Men Symptoms of testosterone deficiency affect approximately 1 in 200 men and may include:
  • Pyramids Pharmacy - Adrenal Dysfunction/Thyroid Imbalance - Pyramids Pharmacy | Many patients have tried synthetic thyroid hormones, such as levothyroxine and liothyronine, and have found that Natural Thyroid is the only form that works adequately for them
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  • Lolly - Snot sucking so easy!!

    I'll preface this review by saying I have two graco aspirator and nose Frieda. The baby vac is most impressive of all. I'm happy to have found it now but honestly bummed I didn't get it sooner. If your serious about getting the snot and phlem out of anyone's nose this is your device. I don't recommend the graco, the Frieda works but gets you sick in the process (yes bacteria passes through the snot filter)

  • swaff - Decent, but not amazing

    The UV protectant has started coming off after only a few weeks in not-that-harsh weather, and the spray nozzle on the "surface activator" gunked up after only 2-3 sprays to where it would not spray anymore. I am an avid DIYer, and followed the directions really closely and took my time, so it's not that I didn't do the process right...I've restored a lot of headlights. The tape that comes with the kit is more like electrical tape than painters tape. I would not use that on my car, and others have posted that it did indeed take off some of their car paint. The sandpaper that comes with this is rather small. I'm not sure what the "surface activator" actually is, but it smells alcohol based, so maybe just something like rubbing alcohol that is a good cleaner.

  • Pronzini/Muller Supreme - Stops hunger & tastes great!

    I bought this after reading about it in a magazine. I looked it up and was skeptical of purchasing, but wanted something that was healthy, and I really liked the idea of a product that was natural & would speed up my metabolism. It also said it promotes weight loss without muscle mass loss. Even though it says to mix with water, since I'm not really wanting it for a diet, I mixed with almond milk. Almond milk is very low in calories. Oh my, what a treat! I think it tastes fantastic. Slightly nutty and sweet with the almond milk. I did not put quite as much powder as they called for, but it's a great taste and gives you the sensation of being full but not bloated. I'm not a fan of soy, but they have a special way of processing this which ferments it to produce a product that has many health benefits. The product is made in Germany & they are well-known for their quality & ingenuity. While I'm not doing it to lose any weight, I do believe that will be a side benefit. I wanted something healthy that would stop the cravings for sugar and chocolate and this does the trick completely. No feeling of hunger at all after drinking it. So I would recommend and say at least try it. I also would recommend the Almased wellness tea IF you like herbal teas. But if you're not a fan, you won't like it. It's a loose tea too, and you must have a strainer to use. Both are great products in my opinion!

  • The Miles - Love this!

    I have super thick hair so blow drying it with a paddle brush and blow dryer would be a nightmare and would snatch out precious strands of hair. Simply put this detangling attachment helps so much with the long process of blow drying my hair. For reference sake I have a Revlon Remington blow dryer and it fits perfectly!

  • OC mom - looks way better than the original antenna

    Fast shipping, super easy install and looks great. No problem with satellite radio or regular radio stations at all. Very happy I switched the old one out for the Stubby!

  • cactus - Great commuter bag

    I bought this bag in medium strictly for commuting by bike every day (20+ miles a day) and it's pretty great for the price

  • Ocie - Buyer beware

    I bought a set of these to hang some pictures at home. One picture fell because I left it up after attaching to the wall instead of waiting an hour to reattach (directions were vague on that point). I then followed the directions to the letter and the frame stayed up for about a week before it finished the work of destroying the frame and leaving more marks on the wall and trim.