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  • Glynnes - I THINK IT'S GREAT!

    I love mine. I have had it over a year and used to trim upper lip. Hairs grow back slowly and soft so no stubble shows. Want to get refills now for it. Haven't changed the battery since first getting it either...guess it would depend on how often or how much you use it.

  • Justshopping - Would Not Repurchase After 8 Months of Usage

    I waited 8 months to review after purchase because I wanted to take the time to evaluate and frankly I have mixed feelings on this product. If you just have dust and minor fuzz or lint to vacuum up you will probably love it. I have two long haired people in my home and two non shedding dogs and every single time I use the vacuum I end up spending ten to fifteen minutes pulling our long human hair out of the rotating underside. The hair winds itself around the rotater and has to be yanked out manually never making it into the bag. For this reason alone, I do not recommend this vacuum for long haired humans and/or long haired shedding pets. You would have to use the hose and an attachment only and never the upright as its meant to be used without having to do what I do-- rip all the hair out that gets caught on the underside of the vacuum.

  • Angie - Big Dust Collector so far...

    I barely have reason to touch this out side of the sparse game releases. I own all next gen systems and a gaming PC so I have no particular allegiance. What games that do come out are great it's when they come out is the problem, expect a lot of re-releases to keep you busy. The Xbox One has a marginally better selection at the moment but they are both in a dry spell as far as games go making them redundant. Hopefully 2016 gives me a reason to boot this thing up other than filtering the air in my room.