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  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/about-us/internal-medicine-doctors Raleigh Adult Medicine | Our Community, Your Wellness - Our physicians have provided the finest personalized health care in Raleigh for over 40 years. Our goal is to form a partnership with you to help you enhance and maintain your quality of life. We are conveniently located near Rex Hospital on Blue Ridge Road.
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  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/our-physicians/dr-dan-chaksupa Raleigh Adult Medicine | Dr. Dan Chaksupa - Dr. Chaksupa is board-certified in internal medicine. He helps patients manage high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/our-physicians/dr-selina-james Raleigh Adult Medicine | Dr. Selina James - Dr. James manages both acute and chronic adult medical issues, as well as assists patients with maintaining good health.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/our-physicians/dr-mary-jones Raleigh Adult Medicine | Dr. Mary Jones - Dr. Jones enjoys internal medicine’s emphasis on the prevention and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/our-physicians/dr-jennifer-myatt Raleigh Adult Medicine | Dr. Jennifer Myatt - Dr. Myatt has practiced internal medicine for more than 13 years at Raleigh Adult Medicine.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/our-physicians/dr-michael-rees Raleigh Adult Medicine | Dr. Michael Rees - Dr. Rees specializes in internal medicine because it allows long-term relationships with patients.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/our-physicians/aimee-shaye-polk-pa-c Aimee Shaye Polk, PA-C - Our board-certified physician assistant specializes in chronic and acute disease management, preventive medicine, and women's health issues.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/our-physicians/nicole-matala-dietitian Raleigh Adult Medecine | Nicole Matala, Dietitian - Meet Nicole Matala, dietitian in Raleigh and practicing in the Raleigh Adult Medical Group. Your general practitioner can refer you to Nicole who focuses on using food to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, maintaining a healthy weight and customizing eating plans for people with food allergies.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services Services | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Our internal medicine physicians focus on treating and preventing diseases in adult patients.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/wellness/mens-health Men's Health | Raleigh Adult Medicine - At Raleigh Adult Medicine, our doctors treat men's health issues that range from prostate exams to low testosterone levels. Learn more about the tests and treatments we offer.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/wellness/womens-health Women's Health | Raleigh Adult Medecine - We partner with women in offering health care throughout all stages of their adult lives. We offer extensive gynecological services.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/wellness/immunizations Immunizations & Vaccines | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Raleigh Adult Medicine administers immunizations and vaccinations to adults for viruses such as the flu, HPV, meningitis, pneumonia, and shingles.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/chronic-diseases/allergies Allergy Tests & Treatments | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Allergies, a common chronic health condition, can be treated with and without shots. We relieve typical allergy symptoms in NC through these therapies. Call for an appointment today.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/chronic-diseases/diabetes Diabetes | Raleigh Adult Medicine - While it can cause serious health problems, our health care team can successfully manage diabetes by working closely with you.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/chronic-diseases/high-blood-pressure High Blood Pressure | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Choose Raleigh Adult Medical to help manage your high blood pressure and hypertension. Adults can lower the risk of HBP as you age by making these smart choices. Read about prevention and treatments here.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/chronic-diseases/high-cholesterol High Cholesterol | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Don't avoid high cholesterol, it's your body’s warning signal that you are at greater risk for a heart attack. Find out what to do to lower your bad cholesterol and raise the good kind. Get your numbers, make an appointment with us.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/chronic-diseases/sinus-infections Sinus Infection Symptoms & Relief | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Our doctors at Raleigh Adult Medicine offer specialized care to help you diagnose and treat sinus infections. Our team will focus on restoring your health in a personal setting.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/in-office-evaluations/bone-density-scan Bone Density Scan | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Your bone density exam can be performed at our office in less than fifteen minutes. Find out if you have osteoporosis quickly and painlessly.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/in-office-evaluations/echocardiography Echocardiography | Raleigh Adult Medicine - An EKG, or electrocardiogram, is a painless test that records the heart’s electrical activity, or heart rhythm.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/in-office-evaluations/stress-test Stress Test | Raleigh Adult Medicine - During your test, you are connected to heart-monitoring equipment and walk on a treadmill. The speed and incline is gradually increased. During the test, your heart rate, blood pressure and heart rhythm are carefully monitored.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/in-office-evaluations/holter-monitor Holter Monitor | Raleigh Adult Medicine - Our physicians use Holter Heart Monitoring to diagnose conditions such as atrial fibrillation or to see how well your heart is functioning after a heart attack.
  • https://www.raleighadultmedicine.com/services/in-office-evaluations/ultrasound-services Ultrasound Diagnostics | Raleigh Adult Medicine - We utilize in-office ultrasound services to examine and diagnose organs and systems within a patient’s body. Your physician may request an ultrasound instead of an X-ray.
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  • Mr.Charles - My granddaughter loves it

    My granddaughter needed a lot of help with learning this year and this book has really helped. It lets her pratice the word over and over.

  • SierraLover - Incredible PC monitor if you have HDMI 2.0 and don't mind complex setup

    I got this two days ago from Best Buy, and have finally finished tweaking it and troubleshooting issues to end up with the most incredible monitor I have ever seen, let alone bought for a mere $550. I have looked into $750 curved ultra-wides and the $900 Phillips 43" monitor, but I can't imagine anything better than what I'm looking at now. But man, it was a pain to get here. Learn from my pain:

  • R. M. Chesney - Enthusiasts look no further!

    If you are a video editing hobbyist and are struggling to find a good application I can't recommend Magix Pro 2013 enough.

  • Christopher B. - Good...but not as advertised. (Size "Small" review)

    Ok I have a few things to say about this product. I commute to work everyday by bike and I was looking for a smaller bag to substitute for my larger one during the summer where the weather is a lot warmer (read: I sweat a lot more). This bag had great reviews and came in a variety of sizes. So, onto the review..

  • MOMSTER - I had the old kind that looks like a silver metal rod and I never quite got ...

    I haven’t owned a tire pressure gauge for quite a while and I figured it was time I replaced it. I had the old kind that looks like a silver metal rod and I never quite got the hang of how it worked. This Foval 150PSI Car Digital Tire Pressure Gauge looked great with all of the features it has and is much larger than my old gauge but it has many more options. I really like the display screen since I always had difficulty in the past with reading my old gauge. This very clearly tells me what’s going on with my tires and I can read it easily on the LED screen. I like the safety features this comes with so I don’t need to buy a separate seatbelt cutter or an emergency window breaker. Just a really practical all in one kind of item that reduces the need for several different tools. I like that I don’t have to store all of these things separately since they would take up a lot of room in my glove compartment.

  • Deanareno - Amazingly Fast Charging Capability!

    I absolutely love this power pack. Phenomenally fast charging time. It appears to charge even faster than using the manufacturers charger. I don't know how to address the low scores except to ask if you took the time to read the directions? It's a bit heavy but to be able to fully charge my iPad, iPhone and my Bluetooth devices in less than a couple hours is outstanding. And only on the initial charge from the factory. It's not the best looking device but the only thing I care about is the functionality.

  • Dennis C. Reese - Amazing Choleterol Lowering Results

    I tried DE with the hopes my cholesterol, the highest I'd ever had : 263, might be affected as I had read DE can do. I have been taking Red Rice Yeast also so between that and DE I hoped I would have some change. I was FLABBERGASTED when I had my labs redrawn and my cholesterol was 153!! My HDL and LDL were within normal limits and my trigylcerides went from 200 down to 100. I was ecstatic and couldn't believe it. My doctor was shocked too because his only experience with DE was in using it for pool filters. He is very health minded so I hope he will read up on it and recommend it to his patients. I did not want to take statins because of their side effects. DE is so inexpensive, I would highly encourage everyone to try it, especially if you want to change your lipid profile. OH, I have an age spot on my face that has faded up to 75%. As far as weight loss, I haven't had any amazing results there:( I am hoping it will help with my declining bone density. But I'm just very excited about the results I have had!