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  • Jessica Contratto - works great

    I was hesitant after reading a few reviews that this product had an orange hue it left on your teak. I bought it anyway and tried it. I used it on a teak swim step I restored. The 2 pieces that were on the underside of the platform were a lighter blonde color. It did leave a slight orangish cast on the lighter teak. On the darker teak, it was stunning to see the color and depth it brought to the wood. It's beautiful. The sealer is very easy to apply. Dries fairly quickly for handling time and second coat. I did take a soft rag and buff the wood after it had dried because it felt slightly oily or sticky. Buffing it cured that and I feel confident it won't leave a residue on anyone's shorts. I am very pleased with this product so far.

  • Kindle Customer - Great for dry sensitive skin !

    This moisturizer works if you have a sensitive skin and is prone to break-outs. I only use this in the evening because it is really shiny in your face and sticky. Every time I ordered a different moisturizer I ended up discontinuing using it because my face becomes so red, itchy and have break-outs and will switch back to this product.