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  • Chris Smolenski - Whats nice is there is no levers to set our load

    First night 1 big squirrel, next morning four at once ,next day four at once, day three four in the am and three in the pm.

  • Norman Jackson - Great bike great buy

    Great bike I wanted a carbon bike but not with the price tag. The podium 5 delivered. So far I love it no issues assembling only needed to adjust the front derailer for chain rub. Shifting is flawless. I installed look spd pedals and plan on adding CF seat post and steering stem.

  • curlcueen - Didn't Work For Us

    Neither my husband or I had any relief with this product. I must say, though, I haven't found any product that worked well on the pain of arthritis.

  • J. Barker - Decent armrest

    Decent armrest with a nice storage compartment. Easy to install. Not very sturdy when installed, but that has more to do with the plastic shroud that Scion installed between the front seats than with the armrest. You do lose the rear cup holder.

  • Casey Gay - Sharp

    Great knife. Typical Leatherman quality and a blade so sharp you can actually cut your mortal soul if you're not careful with it. It's a little larger than I thought it would be, so it's more of a jeans knife...kinda bulky for work/dress pants.

  • Want to die an early death from aggressive cancer? - Want to die an early death from aggressive cancer?

    There is no evidence HGH is safe long term. And it costs an arm and a leg. 85% of men develop prostate cancer by age 80 normally with HGH levels less than that of a 20 yr old. What do you think will happen when men who are predisposed to prostate cancer get higher than normal exposure to HGH over a long period of time? That's right, aggressive deadly prostate cancer in their 60s. What a bargain! Why not try a reasonable diet, strength train and invest your money in some good stocks? These hucksters who don't practice medicine are snake oil salesmen who don't care about you, just your wallet.