Pregnancy, Sexual Health & Contraceptive Advice | Reproductive Choices - Reproductive Choices are a friendly local family planning clinic in Dublin. We offer information & advice on a range of reproductive and sexual health matters.

  • Pregnancy Options & Unplanned Pregnancy Advice | Reproductive Choices - We are here to support you through your pregnancy, offering pregnancy tests, ultrasound dating scans and crisis pregnancy counselling and advice.
  • Crisis Pregnancy & Abortion Info & Consultations | Reproductive Choices - We know how difficult it can be to face a crisis pregnancy. Reproductive Choices are a safe place to turn to for support, we've been helping people for 20 years.
  • Abortion Law & Advice in Ireland | Reproductive Choices, Dublin - It is illegal to have an abortion in Ireland in the majority of cases. That's why the right contraception is of the utmost importance. Reproductive Choices can help.
  • Abortion Methods, Treatmnents & Options | Reproductive Choices - The type of abortion depends on the stage of pregnancy. Generally speaking, the sooner the decision to terminate the pregnancy, the safer and easier it is.
  • Crisis Pregnancy Fees & Consultations | Reproductive Choices - If you decide you want to have an abortion, we will provide you with all the information and advice needed to contact a clinic in England about abortion services.
  • Contraception Consultations | STI Testing | Reproductive Choices - It's important to consider all options when it comes to contraception, our friendly team of experienced nurses and doctors can offer you personalised advice.
  • Forms of Contraception Available | Reproductive Choices - There's a lot more out there than the male condom or the contraceptive pill. While these may work for you, we think it's important to consider all your options.
  • Contraception Fees & Consultations | Reproductive Choices - Women have roughly 40 years of fertility to look after, that's why we are here to hear your worries and apprehensions to find the contraception that is best for you.
  • Vasectomy Information & Consultation | Reproductive Choices - A vasectomy is a permanent and effective method of contraception for men. Reproductive Choices can offer help and advice so you make the right choice.
  • Vasectomy Aftercare | Reproductive Choices - After your vasectomy, advice on post-procedure such as driving, flying, going back to work, sport and exercise, managing pain or discomfort, semen testing instructions, and our 24 hour aftercare helpline.
  • Other Services | STD Testing | Contraception | Reproductive Choices - Reproductive Choices offers lots of other services focused on your sexual health and well-being. From STI tests to comprehensive health screening assessments.
  • About Us at Reproductive Choices | Pregnancy Advice | STI Testing - At Reproductive Choices, we've been supporting men and women alike for over 20 years; promoting a culture of empathy, excellence, professionalism and respect.

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    The sights aren't as good as an arcade shooter, but better than the CTA wii rifle. The calibration wasn't on the mark either.

  • Drew J. - Coming of Age story but not...

    Overall I enjoyed this book a lot. The only reason I subtracted a star was because all of Lian's "Training" was so glossed over it may as well have been nonexistent. I would have liked to read more about his training and not just a whole 6+ years of storyline covered by almost nothing. I feel like so much of the book was left unwritten. Like I said though overall a great story and I will be reading the next book. Would recommend as light reading for sure.