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  • Adrian R. - Dogs absolutely love it.

    Ok first of this dog house is perfect for both of my dogs. My dogs are small and medium sized. They both fit in perfect at night. For some reason they love to pull the blanket out during the day but they keep it in at night. It was a breeze to put together. Took me about five minutes. While putting it together it seemed to be real flimsy. Once I had it together I can tell it is going to last for a long time. I don't have it exposed to the elements. It's under my porch. The only negative about this was It was missing the wing nuts to connect the flap doors to the front. Also part of the tabs that connects the floorboards was broken. It didn't seem to matter too much. I will just buy some new wing nuts at the hardware store. I don't want to hassle with a return. Overall I love this house and would buy it again.

  • Amazon Customer - Not Painless

    It's not painless at all. It sort of worked when I tried shaving my legs with it, but when I got to my thighs, it started to hurt me. I now have a lot of microscopic cuts on my upper thighs, and a terrible rash that came from the razor burn. It didn't work at all on some other parts of my body, and left a lot of stubble on others. Also, the stubble attachment, it doesn't do anything at all, aside from causing even more razor burn. I'd almost rather get my legs waxed than use this piece of trash again. I'm sorry that money was actually spent on this, and it will be returned as soon as possible. Don't waste your money.

  • Tina - Yummy lavender!

    Pure Body Naturals has really hit it out of the park....again! This Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil is super scented and passes the essential oils paper test with flying colors, leaving no trace of it behind. The scent is like regular lavender but with a kick. When I put it in a few of my diffusers, it only took a few drops, much less than other oils I've tried. I'm super impressed, once again, with this company and especially with this oil. The size was average and came with a wonderful glass dropper. I love that the bottle is safety sealed.

  • Kerowyn - rodent smodent.... wasted $

    The mice on the patio made a nest WITH the contents of the pouches. Didn't repel a singe rodent. I had to get rid of rodent the old fashion way with a twist. Tore out the paneling on the patio, cleaned out the nests, and then repaneled with hardie board. Live and learn.

  • David B - Solid and Reliable

    I hadn't updated my Quickbooks since 2005. For a 9 year leap forward I expected greater changes than this has. I think Intuit is focusing more on their monthly fee business and less on software. It's still good and solid software and does all I need. I was expecting a few more modern improvements. There are some things that were counter intuitive in my 2005 version. They remain. It's simple and does it's job. No complaints other than if Intuit is essentially making minimal changes over the course of 9 years they could sell it for under a hundred dollars.

  • M. H. Self - Perfectly Priced

    My hair dresser always uses this on my hair, and my hair always looks amazing... but the price int he salon was $48.... finding the exact brand and size for pennies compared to the Salon Price is worth it! You dont need much, but this oil keeps the frizzy fly aways at bay even on the most HUMID days!!!!