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  • Ms. Reta A. Mckannan - Bad experience!

    This was horrible! THe key card numbers were fraudulent, and I bought two of them. I got very specific email instructions as to how to use them and it became evident from the outset of trying to use them that the numbers were bogus and in fact I had been robbed of my money. I am now hoping that Amazon will make good on their guarantees - we called Microsoft and the product keys were not Microsoft product keys - they were bogus.

  • Carol - Installation not as easy as described.

    Inserting the armrest wasn't as easy as appeared from your description. More detail should have been given

  • PETE ZITO - If you have a "Snorer" put one of these on him

    I bought these for my Mexican cause he snores SO loud! They work pretty good, maybe it's him but they seemed to work great the first few times and now not as good....its probly something wrong with him tho lol. I would def give them a try if u have a "Snorer" I tried one on night and had to take it off, it wasn't the most comfortable.

  • S. Yuri - Seems to have worked well for ~3 months and counting

    76 Camaro, crate 350 engine with mild performance upgrades, engine has been in car for about 15 years but only has about 25k on it since this is my recreation/fun car. Coolant leaking into #7 combustion chamber. Was having to add coolant every few days. Added Bar's Head gasket fix in early February and the leak stopped right away. Almost 3 months later, still holding. I have only driven it for about 1000 miles though. Heater works fine. I don't really expect this to be a permanent fix, but it is buying time until I eventually have to get the real fix done.

  • Donald - Five Stars

    I wanted a decent tactical light and read Amazon reviews on many different lights and wide range of prices. The more I read, the more confused I got. I am very happy with the quality of this light. I shined it out towards my woods the first night I got it and it lit them up well. I also had to see for myself how bright it was by shining it at myself briefly in the mirror and it gave me a little bit of a headache. I can't compare with other lights since this is the only tactical light I've ever had, but it is very bright and I am happy with it.

  • TnTspapaT - Great product!

    Love this thing! We bought our original from Canada six years ago as we couldn't find it in the US. It worked great and my son didn't mind it too much. However, in all of our moves, we somehow lost it. We managed to replace it with battery operated one from Target, which was horrible. With my daughter, we used the bulb and it was just too intrusive, slow and she hated it. So I went on a search for it and found it on Amazon! Now we use it on my daughter when she needs it and hopefully our newborn stays healthy and doesn't need it anytime soon, but if he does, we are ready!

  • Amazon Customer - QuickBooks Pro and Enhanced Payroll

    I have been a QuickBooks Pro and Enhanced Payroll (they changed the name to Enhanced Payroll several years ago) for years. I am a small business consultant and do books for several of my clients. I am also a professor of finance at a large university. Although QuickBooks has risen to become the "standard" in business accounting, I am questioning how long they can last at that high pinnacle. First, they stop supporting software after about 5 years even though users of their Payroll software must purchase updates annually. Second, if you are a follower of QuickBooks pricing, you will notice prices going up each year by $50 per year. QuickBooks recently sent me a letter offering me a "valued customer" discount of $499.00 for both QuickBooks and Enhanced Payroll software (you can buy both for about $299.00 on Amazon). Last year, I renewed my Enhanced Payroll subscription with Amazon for $195.99. This year the same renewal is $249.99 (much more if you allow QuickBooks to automatically renew your subscription -- they require a credit card number to proceed with your install). Third, when you get the software, you cannot load it and make it all work without help from QuickBooks phone support. I end up on the phone each year for at least and hour. In addition, the support is not from the US, so they don't usually understand what you need help with and you must be transferred several times. When you update QuickBooks Pro, there are other problems, such as formatting your old version files to the new version software. Files need to be corrected on your computer hard drive, with the help from support. That total software update call can last more than a couple of hours. Unfortunately, I have too much invested with QuickBooks to change now, but if you are starting out, you may want to investigate PeachTree, or some other competing software products before you get in too deep.