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  • Elle Lace - This product has saved my skin from constant scarring.

    This product has saved my skin, along with POM's Benzyl Peroxide product. I didn't have an intense amount of acne, but when I did get it, it was almost always cystic and very long lasting and left horrid scars. I'm 26 and have had acne since I was 15. I had more blackheads and clogged pores than anything, but even those sometimes eventually turned into acne (or always did, if I tried to extract them), but with this and the other product (BENZD), I have been without a cyst or any acne really for two months.

  • Mark Town - Glad I have it....but

    I am a lifelong Cardinals fan and this season offered perhaps my favorite all-time "rooting" experience. I am therefore happy to have this DVD. It brought back a good deal of that joyful feeling I experienced throughout the playoffs. But I cannot help but say that it could have been so much better. It is just an "okay" effort. Game 6 of the World Series is perhaps the best example. The lead up to the game tying hits in the 9th and 10th innings was insufficient. The drama was not built, and boy was there drama. That is true of much else as well: wasted opportunities. But the story is such a good one, so compelling and emotional, that even this modest effort is worth the cost.

  • Jonathan Cornell - Barbi magic

    The proof was in my daughter's eyes on Christmas when she opened the box and saw her new Holiday Barbi. She loved it and it cost less than @ the target where I work. Enough said.

  • Fred in Fresno - well built

    I have a new great niece and she will absolutely love this. It is soft, cute, and it talks and sings. I am sure this will be her favorite toy in no time at all. I cannot wait to give it to her. This unit is well built and colorful to attract the attention of small kids. The recommended age is 6 months, so it will be a little bit before she can play with it. Even though I received this unit at a discount in exchange for an honest review, I am very happy with the rabbit and I am sure my great niece will love it too.

  • Amora Rose - Look 10 years younger

    ...or maybe 8? All I know is I am 44, have been using this product for a year, and get my age pegged at between 32-38. It's non greasy, sinks in really well and keeps my skin nice and hydrated.

  • Hei-Lei - Inconspicuous motion light sensor

    My mom is getting older and I am always concerned about her falling. This kids leave toys on the floor on occasion and I am worried, that at night she will not see the toys, trip and fall. She lives in an area where falling trees cause power outages and is often left without electricity. I routinely makes sure that she has flashlights in certain (noted) parts of her home (I do this several times a year), and make sure the batteries and flashlights are in working order. The batteries are DD and expensive. This unit however is rechargeable and can charge on regular charging unit that has a USB port. I attached the motion sensor to the underside of her of her heating unit. It is cool because it takes up such little space, it is small, it is inconspicuous. The unit faces downward on the floor of the area mostly likely to have objects she might trip on. It has a soft glow and is not glaring. She is big on "saving electricity" and likes the idea that it is only "turned on" when the light is needed. I thankfully received this motion sensor light at a reduced price to offer my candid opinion. I am under no obligation to offer anything other than an honest review and I am very pleased that I received the opportunity to share my experience.