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  • Talo - Great Cruelty free Badger hair brush.

    Great Cruelty free Badger hair brush. I chose this brush as a gift because the badger hairs were collected with out killing the animal which is important to me. The user of the brush loves it and thinks that it is great The only thing is that I bought it from The Original Shaving Co. here on amazon and they do not offer any other shipping choices other then the slowest donkey on the plant method. Took 30 days to get to me ( yes I know it says 21-30 days but I thought they would offer other shipping methods at check out I was wrong) But that was the seller The Original Shaving Co. NOT Semogue. Love the brush!

  • Cyndi Becker - Here I go wishing my life away...I can't wait for January 2017~ 5++ stars ~ 2016 #MustRead and #Favorite

    What a perfect read - everything about the Marriage Games #1 is right, right, right! But why? The story line & concept, CD Reiss' brilliant execution and some the most emotionally complex characters I've ever read. I can't even find my words...not easily at least but here goes.

  • Thankful - Life Changing

    I knew immediately that this book would touch people and change lives! Dont pass up an opportunity to be educated with FACTS! This is not a book based on someone's opinions! It is going to be life changing!! I've seen it reach people of all denominations and be inspired to rise up!!!!!

  • Blackwell Family - A great way to learn guitar

    I have wanted to learn how to play the guitar for years, but I didn't want to take lessons. I tried books and DVDs and even other software programs. Rocksmith is the first thing I have done where I can see improvement. Like any method it takes time and practice, but the rocksmith games and songs, has you learning muscle memory and speed without even realizing it. It doesn't feel forced or repetitive and gives real feed back on performance without ever once making you feel bad for failure. I recommend for anyone wanting to learn guitar for the first time, or even for someone who knows how to play and just wants a great way to learn new songs.

  • P. Cox - hopeful

    So far I like the Bang Eyebrow Growth Serum. It feels nice going on and has no noticeable smell. I have only been using it for about a week so I have not seen a difference in my eyebrows but I am hopeful. I have very sensitive skin on my face. My eyes itch and swell when I use many facial products. I have not had that problem with this eyebrow serum. I will continue to use this for a few more weeks and then repost with the results.

  • Jeremy N. - Snazzy little device!

    Intended for this to route BT audio from my phone to my aging '06 Accord. Works well for that purpose, but where the Aukey really shines is in its versatility. It virtually turns any dumb audio input into a modern age wireless receiver. The battery life is good too, used it for 3 days in my car w/o a charge, so I decided to take it to the gym w/ me via earbuds and it's still going strong. Definitely recommend it!