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  • Breanna - Love this product

    Love this product! Works great and leaves treated areas feeling smooth for days!! However, do you research before buying, you can get it 10 bucks cheaper almost anywhere...

  • John Harris - Very comfortable shoes

    Probably should have ordered 1/2 size larger, but they should loosen up once broken in. I just noted several reviews that said they ran large. Seems to be good quality. Very comfortable shoes.

  • 55Trucker - Great blower

    This is an awesome leaf blower. I have a 3/4 acre lawn that used to take forever to clean up with an old Craftsman blower that I had. This thing is incredibly powerful, and I'm able to do the lawn in just over 1/2 hour. The only complaints I have are a) the adapter that deflects the air out the front doesn't work too well; I don't know if the right angle reduces the force of the air, but it doesn't move the leaves as well; and b) the air intake on the front of the blower frequently gets clogged with leaves, requiring you to stop and unclog it a lot.

  • mrsvsmith - Not so good

    Not a terrible set, but definitely not a keeper if you don't want to buy new ones for a while, which I have already had to do. All of the handles have come loose and are unable to be tightened back down so they present quite a safety hazard.

  • karenmitzie - Little known facts about our country

    This book is very informative in regard to little known facts about our country's history up to the present. It is an excellent read for anyone seeking to know the truth behind many of the problems and issues in our country.

  • G. Martin - Excellent washer Cleaner

    Purchased product to clean 3 month old Maytag Bravos HE washer with stainless steel tub and no agitator. Maytag recommends this product and even has a washer setting for it. Well packaged, clear directions, easy to us, no mess, no odor, fairly priced. Did an excellent job. Recommend for regular use.