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  • K. Adler - I found this year's collection to be fun to read and I enjoyed it more than most

    I read these every year. I found this year's collection to be fun to read and I enjoyed it more than most.

  • Z. Ball - best quarter holder i found

    best quarter holder i found, and i tried a few. The quarters snap in easily and have a tab for removal if you need it. I like the USA map plus room for extra quarters if you want more than 1 set. I personally do not care about the D and the P, so i use that space for doubles, which is convenient. Would recommend this one over others.

  • Benny W. - Pure Hokey

    Our Government continues to allow this company, New Vitality to rip off citizens with false claims and very underhanded business dealings. A prime example of the failure of the FDA and non-caring government.

  • Drew - This book changed my life

    "Microwave for one" is not just a cookbook. It's a lifestyle. Sonia Allison gave me the confidence I needed to rebuild my life. Why be a slave to the need to " try?" Why succumb to society's pressure to " care." After following her guided tutorial, " how to just give up in 60 seconds or less" I was ready commit 100% to the program. Soon I was popping pop corn and boiling water. Without even realizing it I was not only becoming an amazing chef, I was growing as a person. With out the burden of a life out side of my apartment, I can finally lead the life I am meant to...alone... in the dark...crying into a bowl of instant grits. Do yourself a favor. Buy this book and never look forward again!

  • Robert - Arrived on time and in good shape. Deck builders toolkits are a good buy ...

    Arrived on time and in good shape. Deck builders toolkits are a good buy for playing with friends and getting a start on common/uncommon collection. The only downfall is you get a dragon maze pack which is no longer standard legal.

  • Sulman - works Perfectly fine Except

    I lives in Texas, which mean HOT weather. Do not expose your navigation in sun light (use sun reflector or put towel over it) otherwise it will not turn on for 10 mins until your car cools down. txt me if any other question six eight two, seven one zero, nine zero seven two

  • GoNoles - Worked great

    Had to do a little engineering as the rear rack on my Rincon does not have a second higher rail for support, other than that this worked great. Followed the tractor pulling the disk and had a 2nd tractor coming behind me with a cultipacker. Took care of 6 summer food plot with over 8 total acres in about 1/2 a day and it was the tractors and travel time between plots that took most of the time.