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  • Shadi Golshani - Good but didn't solve my issue 100%

    My breakouts have lessened however I am still breaking out. I was hoping for them to go away but it seems like my problem is more than just the pillow case.

  • Vicki - Helps my achy knee

    My daughter convinced me to try this. I was taking an Aleve once a day for an arthritic knee. I really didn't like taking Aleve all the time - but if I didn't my knee would be complaining. So I tried this stuff and it works just as well. I take one in the morning and one at night. I have no stomach problems with it. My knee doesn't complain. I tried just once daily, and that wasn't quite enough. Seems better for you. I just finished my first bottle of 90 and re-ordering.

  • Joseph Yonke II - Love it as does everyone that sees what it does

    I've had this product (but smaller diameter) for about five years now. Picked it up at Lowe's for $50. It was a leftover. I knew nothing about it but it LOOKED like it would do what I wanted at far less expense and trouble than a skylight. Put it in the darkest room in my house, an interior bathroom. Now, every time I walk by that room I want to reach in and turn out the light. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. I could care less about the material is it made of. It doesn't have to stand up to any kind of use once it's installed. The dome and the flashing have worked great with no problems at all. The interior diffuser fits flush (almost) to the ceiling and breaks up the light like majic. All that see the light in the bathroom are impressed. It can and does reflect moonlight as well. It's not a window but it is a great source of light in an otherwise dark, dark room. It is pretty easy to install. I just had to get by the fact that I was cutting a hole in the roof!

  • James DeBow - AWESOME system ... Like Magic

    I bought my security system the other day after an alarm company salesman tried to rope me into a contract and would not answer my questions about termination fees he just kept saying it was "like everything else". I researched online and found out that termination fees on big companies contracts can be like $3000!!! Are you kidding me... So, I did some more research and found Simpli-Safe. I had it all set up my pin codes, sensors, online account, test signal, EVERYTHING in 30 minutes without a single hiccup or problem. Also, if I want for an additional 5 dollars a month I can upgrade to the new simplisafe 2 system that than includes smart phone alarm management along with some other things. I read in someone else's review from last year that not having this was a drawback so I wanted to correct that error as it is now an option. I've never wrote a good review online about a product before. This system so far (First day still) has been a dream. I'm glad a company has finally made something that works how it is supposed too. I have already recommended it to my dad and several of my friends.

  • Robert Cramer - Not accurate! Looking to return it

    I was at first very pleased with the way it works. Then not at all happy to learn I have higher BP than expected. Today I had it compared to my MD nurse, and learned that it indicates +15 units too high. 135/85 becomes 150/100!!

  • Jane M. - you can tell how experienced some of the people leaving reviews on this product are in the Microsoft world.

    Hello. This books is an excellent guide through windoes server 2012. The reason people are getting so frustrated with this book is because it shares a lot of chericteristics and content as the 2008 model, and rightfully so. Microsoft hasn't changed much in the new revison... it's as simple as that. The book does an incredible job of explaining tasks and helping you reach your goal of understanding windows server. Thank you.

  • Angela Johnson - It's Okay, but Customer Service sucks

    We bought this TV 2 years ago for my son. This TV was for his bedroom, we went away for Christmas so we unplugged everything, when we got home he tried to plug his TV in and the ac adapter that the TV uses died. For over a month now we have been looking for a replacement plug, which no one sells, Polaroid states that there is a 60 day backorder for the ac adapter. Plus it is $70 with shipping. Also when I called customer service all they would say is that it is out of warrenty I can ship it back to them for them to fix or fix it on my own.