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  • Randi C. Holbrook - Its the best water conditioner!

    Prime is great. Its recommended the most on tropical fish message boards. I used to use Stress Coat, but you have to use a lot more of it, and therefore you go through it much more quickly. the 500ml bottle of Prime lasts me many months for my 55, 20 and 10 gallon tanks. The amount you use is very small--only one capful per 50 gallons. When doing partial water changes, you only use a few drops! Its also safe for all fish and invertebrates. Its a must-have for any tropical fish owner, as it makes the water safe for your fish!

  • S. Money - I recommend it knowing that is has some limitations

    I purchased this product to help with a oil leak coming from my rear main seal area on a 1996 Nissan Maxima and a 2000 Nissan Maxima. It slowed down the leak a lot on the 96 Maxima but on the 00 Maxima, I didn't get the same results. I recommend it knowing that is has some limitations.

  • Netty - It's not really your sweat, product just melts.

    This stuff is basically hair grease. It gives the illusion of sweat only because the greasy substance basically melts as your body heats up, so when you take of the waist trimmer its like you've lost an ounce of sweat, but it's just the melted product dripping off of you. Whenever I wear their trimmer without this stuff and do the same workout at the same intensity I barely sweat. Great tactic though, can't blame the company for trying to fool everyone. Makes a good moisturizer for your legs when going to the beach though :).

  • Brian Voroselo - A staggering item of overwhelming power

    I purchased this shirt for a co-worker. I never saw her again. Once she put on this shirt she was eclipsed by a flood of brilliant light and disappeared into the gestalt. I have considered ordering this shirt for myself, but I am not sure if I am quite ready for apotheosis.

  • R. Turpin - Great reception and sound

    I have been using this for approximately a week now. Great reception and sound. I use them at work so I do not bother others. I gave one to my husband and he also has no problem with his. Would highly recommend.

  • lawrence chan - beefcake, palace intrigue and too much wasted potential but pleasing entertainment.

    If they had done this right, there could well have been 12 movies; one for each of the fabled labors.