Home - SHRC (Shanthi Hospital and Research Centre) is a multispeciality ultra modern hospital locatedin Jayanagar, Bangalore that offers treatment and care in specialities such as Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility, Hernia, Urology and Pediatrics.

  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/pages About Us - SHRC was founded in 2009 by the Nadathur and Gururaj families with the intention of providing world class care at affordable prices. Located in Jayanagar, Bangalore SHRC has made its mark in surgical excellence particularly in Minimal Access Surgery or MAS, Hernia repair and treatment and Orthopedics.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services Services - Specialities at SHRC include Minimal Access and General Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Fertility, Urology, Pediatrics and Hernia. SHRC is a fully equipped ultra modern hospital with state of the art operation theaters and deluxe patient rooms.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/special/specialities-mags Specialties - MAGS - SHRC has in depth experience in Minimal Access surgery which covers procedures like removal of the gall bladder, removal of appendix and hernia repair. They also carry out general or open surgical procedures such as Hemorrhoidectomy, surgery for gastrointestinal cancers, Thyroidectomy & Parathyroidectomy.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/special/specialties-orthopedics Specialties - Orthopedics - Surgical treatments covered by the Orthopedics department at SHRC include Arthroscopic surgery (a minimally invasive procedure for knee joint, shoulder joint), joint surgery (total knee and hip replacement) and spine surgery.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/special/specialties-obstetrics-gynecology Specialties - Obstetrics, Gynecology & Fertility - From maternity to child birth to treatment of other gynecological and fertility related conditions, SHRC offers world class care through its Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility departments. The hospital carries out normal deliveries to C sections to surgical procedures for ectopic pregnancy. Some surgical procedures related to fertility include Hysteroscopy, Ovarian cystectomy and Myomectomy.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/special/specialties-urology Specialties - Urology - Conditions related to the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra are treated at SHRC and surgical procedures covered include TURP or Trans Urethral Resection of Prostrate, treatment of urinary incontinence, bladder neck incision and ureteroscopy.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/special/specialties-pediatrics Specialties - Pediatrics - Helmed by renowned pediatrician Dr Sanjay Gururaj, the pediatrics department at SHRC covers neo natal care, immunization and pediatric surgeries.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/special/specialties-plastic-cosmetic-surgery Specialties - Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery - Consultants of the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery department at SHRC cover reconstructive surgery, cosmetic modification surgery to surgery for obesity and hair reimplantation.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/special/specialties-general-medicine Specialties - General Medicine - At SHRC, pre and post operative monitoring of patients, as well as critical care and intensive care is taken care of by consultants in General Medicine.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/support-facilities/facilities-diagnostic-and-ancillary-services Facilities - Diagnostic and Ancillary services - At SHRC, diagnostic services include laboratory diagnostics (in partnership with Piramal Diagnostics) and radio diagnostics. The hospital also uses a pneumatic tube transport system to transport medication, lab samples etc across 5 levels.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/support-facilities/medical-concierge-services Facilities - Medical Concierge Services - At SHRC, every 6 - 7 patients admitted for surgery are assigned a Medical Concierge who will take care of requirements relating to hospital documentation and other formalities, thereby ensuring that every patient is focused only on their recovery.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/support-facilities/deluxe-patient-rooms Facilities - Deluxe Patient Rooms - Around 80% of the rooms at SHRC are single deluxe rooms which are well equipped and comfortable with utmost attention given to creating a home like ambience for patients to recover in.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/support-facilities/state-of-the-art-operating-theaters Facilities - Operating Theaters - The SHRC OT complex houses 3 operating theatres which are ultra modern with electronically controlled state of the art equipment and well defined infection control protocols.
  • http://www.shrc.asia/index.php/services/support-facilities/intensive-care-unit Facilities - Intensive Care Unit - The state of the art ICU at SHRC has 6 beds managed by a highly trained nursing and medical team and all patient information is captured real time through a first of a kind patient care system called GE AWARE Gateway.

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