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  • William A Glaser - corrupted software program

    I had to get another 360 norton because the first one I bought was corrupted enought to the point my desk top practically locked up. I went to norton to have them fix my desk top twice before they said the norton 360 I brought here was corrupt so norton uninstall that software.

  • Handyman - Doesn't work

    You'd be better off guessing the humidity than looking at this monitor. Wildly inaccurate humidity readings and very approximate temperature readings. Save up for a humidity meter that gives ± 3% accuracy. It will cost 10X the price of this meter, but it will work.

  • Koko - Lasts longer, no gumminess!

    I have blepharitis, and dry eyes. (I won't bore you with how they are related.) I also spend four to eight hours a day on a computer.

  • Phil & Margie - I will admit they smell kinda bad but don't leave an aftertaste

    Don't let the smell distract you! I will admit they smell kinda bad but don't leave an aftertaste. I also find them easy to swallow. I take them usually with my lunch. I have also been trying to drink more water, watch what I eat and get a little more exercise in. I have my 25th year reunion in a few weeks and thought I could use a little help. I have noticed a difference when I remember to take these before eating. They do not have an my energy, as far as I have noticed and I also don't feel like I just drank a bunch of coffee like some of these types of pills make me feel. I like the size of the bottle, fits perfectly in the side pocket of my purse, it's a bit thinner and I like that. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Dorothy Matthews - Love it

    I can't believe that there are some people that say this doesn't work for them. I tend to be a skeptic but was willing to try anything for my night sweats and interrupted sleep, libido would be nice but I'm single so that's not a biggie. Being able to sleep through the night so that I can get to work the next day and stay awake and not wake up soak en wet now those are biggies. Took it for two months and then stopped because I got sick, not from Amberen, noticed the difference after 3 weeks, sweating and not being able to sleep all night. Nothing is worse than waking up every fricken night at about 2 or 3 and not being able to go back to sleep. I also get the racing heart and sometimes anxiety attacks. Started back up on it right away and can't wait till it kicks back in. I can't praise this product enough; I have a family history of breast cancer so I am not able to take hormone therapies so I'm ecstatic that there is a natural remedy that works for me.

  • EagleScout316 - World's Most Misunderstood Glue

    Wow, i've read a lot of reviews for this that make it fairly clear people don't know how to read the back of the bottle. So i'm going to go through some commmon complaints and give reality instead.

  • SuzyHomemaker - No eraser?!

    Not only are they pretty, they are a big hit at Tupperware parties. I even use them to write up my Avon orders. There is a color to match every house dress my husband bought me, but I am giving this product only one star because it doesn't have an eraser. When I attempt a mathamatical problem without a man near by to help me, I always mess up and need an eraser. Not that my vote matters, but, I say recall the product. I will never waste my allowance on these pens again.