6th Slovenian Congress of Nephrology - Congress of Nephrology will take place from November 24th to 27th, 2016. The congress will cover topics from all the diverse fileds of nephrology.

Country:, Europe, SI

City: 15 , Slovenia

  • docile100 - This stuff sucks!!!

    I have laminate flooring about 1 year old, nice Armstrong laminate. Got this to see if it would help with footprints like it said. Initially, it looked good. The next day after cleaning again, it was a white streaky mess! I tried Ammonia, vinegar, soap/water, all the things I've read to get it off, nothing worked. I got some Rubbermaid "Hardwood and laminate floor cleaner", 32 oz spray bottle, from Menards, and I finally got the stuff off by using that and paper towels.

  • Barbara Kerr Condon - Very Good!

    These pads do help keep my mature skin more firm. I use them every day, sometimes twice a day, even though the directions suggest a less frequent use. I think these pads also help remove any minute residue the cleanser may leave behind, and helps sluff off any dead skin cells. I use it on my face and my neck. If you have never used glycolic or other similar products, start slow with this, as it will tingle a bit. I've been using these for over two years.

  • Clutch Cargo - Good sound, good comfort.

    Received these two days ago, so i don't have a lot to report other than they are a) comfortable, b) very secure and good for working out, c) sound great, and d) holding their charge well.

  • Mike's Girl - Waste of Money

    I tried the 90 day course after much research but as another reviewer notes, most review sites are sponsored by Lunesta Medical. I used it along with my diet and excerise program and saw no results for hot flashes or mood changes. I contacted the RN customer care by phone and after a 40 minute wait, she was rude and unhelpful saying I had to figure out what was best for me but stated not to even think about a refund as the 30 day period had passed. I suppose they figure they have your money so screw you if it doesn't work, you can't return it. I actually gained weight which could be from the MSG in the product as it is a salt and can cause fluid retention. So, I'm out $145.00, 8lbs heavier and back to square one. Thanks Amberen. I don't reccommend this to anyone.

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  • Amazon Customer - Beyond Frustrated

    I prepped everything exactly according to instructions, let it set for more than two weeks while I finished building and installing a new vanity, and then the first time my daughter showered she dropped a plastic shampoo bottle, and the finish chipped. I expected this product to give me at least a couple of years, and am especially frustrated that a soft, plastic item was its demise.

  • TrophyWife08 - This doesnt give me the jitters like some other weight loss products with caffeine in them

    This doesnt give me the jitters like some other weight loss products with caffeine in them. I take this with my Adderall XR 30mg with breakfast no problem. I did consult my doctor first. It helps me be regular & I have lost weight with it. I will post at end of month supply as to how much.