Specialists in Spine Surgery - Specialists in Spine Surgery. We place an emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute and chronic disorders of the neck and back, including those with scoliosis and other deformities.

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  • OnceASkeptic - Im in absolute disbelief. It actually works!

    **Update** I have since replaced my radiator, due to eventually having over heating issues again, perhaps the 100 degree heat here in FL doesn't help, I do know my water pump and thermostat were new and countless other things I replaced. It did begin to over heat again but I got a radiator for $70 on here and well, I'd say if you don't have the money to replace your radiator buy this and save up over the next couple of months until you can afford to do so, there are people who'll say this forever fix their over heating issue. I am not one of them. It absolutely DID stop my overheating issue altogether there for several months. Great product if you're in a bind. The only thing I can suggest is read the back, read it again and read it as you go, do not take any short cuts in using the product as advised.

  • Kathleen Genelly - Creamy Instant Mashed Potatoes.The Best!

    These are best instant mashed potatoes you should always have on hand when you don't have time to peel regular potatoes. They are so convenient and tasty, that I use them even when I do have time for reguar potatoes, (and they don't go bad in a storage bin!) I also have arthritus in both of my hands, so it also helps me avoid the painful process of peeling.

  • Amazon Customer - Good Series 😎

    I'm Happy Everything Worked Out For Everyone But I Would Love To Hear More About Juvie & Solai. Like Did They Get Married? Have A Baby? Like What Happened With Harvey & His Girl. It's like it more to the story of this crew to be told.

  • Shannon - Great for writing, bad for quantitative

    I purchased this book to prepare for the GRE in 2012. If you are taking the GRE writing section, this book is excellent. I believe I scored high in the writing section due to the contents of this book. However, I did not like the quantitative section. I feel like this book did not teach any of the concepts that were needed for the quantitative.

  • Rhonda S. - I really like it, exactly as shown

    I really like it, exactly as shown. Only downside I feel is it does not have a monthly at-a-glance calendar in front of each month as a lot of planners have, but I knew that when I ordered it, and still like it.

  • Mrs.Quinci35 - Great start, want more

    This introduction book definitely warmed me to the series and Edelheit's writing style. I recalled Anthony Ryan's series with the infamous Vaelin al Sorna (which I adore). The stories are way different except for the protagonists who are kick-ass leaders. The writing is straight to the point, no holds barred, this is what's going on, humorous at times, warm and way less bloody than Ryan's war story. Stiger is no Vaelin though. They're two different animals. Stiger is more man than magic, an aristocrat who's better suited for the battle field. There's a mission, a threat and a fight with interesting developments along the way.

  • Maria - works

    i've taken a lot of biotin and nothing worked. since taking this supplement I see my hair getting longer. Already reodered. Works