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  • Gloria - ZAP Restorer was a miracle worker for me!

    We have extremely hard water and have a well. We have a rust remover with our water equipment but we forgot to purchase the Red Out salt. What a mess! My plastic white laundry tub turned to a deep brown. I tried everything to clean it up but nothing worked---I figured I would have to buy a new tub. Then I watched the TV advertisement for ZAP and decided to try it before I made my purchase for that new tub. So glad I did. This stuff was remarkable! Hardly any exertion; practically cleaned off ALL of the rust by itself! The tub looks like new. Wish I could purchase this product at my local store. It is wonderful.

  • Wendy A. - Good oil!

    I like the taste of this oil, I add a few drops to my water every morning. It won't make you lose weight on its on of course, you still need a good diet and exercise program. Do terra makes excellent oils.

  • Joe Jones - Updated Review

    My 1st experience with this pen was less then stellar. I expressed myself to the company through an e-mail and was contacted by one of the owners promptly. He was very genuine and down to earth. He shipped out a new pen immediately with new sd card, charging cord, and pen. Follow up was consistent. Have used pen many times for legal purposes and has been nothing less then perfect after the 20 or so 30+min videos. I do suggest downloading a compatible player to view videos on your phone. I am using MX player where I can view, store, or delete videos. The same goes for computer. Download compatible viewer before trying to use.

  • Nicole - a sample then pounced on me like a cat to a mouse

    I have never heard of this product and I'm a wrinkle/mask/pore-refining nazi. I've been using top quality creams since highschool and at 33, people think I look 23. With that being said, while visiting Boston at the Copley Mall, I was hunted by these pressure selling vultures. They started off by giving my friend and I, a sample then pounced on me like a cat to a mouse. I didn't want anything applied to my face because I had make-up on so he started applying this peeling crap lotion to my arm. Mind you, I exfoliate everyday. In my younger days, I worked for Bath and Body Works so I know a thing or two about creams, lotions and exfoliators yet this "peeling" cream miracously made A TON of dead skin come off the underside of my forearm. Oh please..... There's something in that product that makes it thicken and crumble with friction to appear that it's "releasing" dead skin. It's really not your dead skin. As a health professional and chemist, there's something in there. Next is a white cream that was applied followed by another white cream. He told me that these creams would help the redness on my cheeks which I assured him was just blush. I told him that I would come back tomorrow (which I had no intention to) in which he became annoyed and kept asking why I wouldn't "buy today." I like to tell off pushy sales people so I stood my ground and said I want to see how my arm feels the rest of the day. (Plus I'm someone who likes to read reviews before I purchase something.) As far as my research goes, most reviews are TERRIBLE for these products and the ridiculous experience and the products are extremely overpriced! Do NOT fall into their trap.

  • perfect - Very disappointing for price point.

    I recently switched skincare for this product line and I am very disappointed. I was hoping to eliminate chemicals in my regimen. I purchased some on Amazon and some through my esthetician and even while swapping out different items within the line by my esthetician I had severe breakouts. I gave it a month as sometime you skin needs time to adjust. I truly think these products are overpriced as well. My skin was dry, sullen looking, and I consistently had to attend to breakouts. This is not for me. If the products were great I could justified the price point. Going back to my old routine.

  • Rachel B - Slightly disappointed

    I ordered this on accident when I meant to order the special blend. I went ahead and took it any way and it hasn't worked. The special blend worked so well that I was still able to pump 6 ounces AFTER each feeding. Now that I am back to work I have to pump during the day and I am barely able to pump 4 ounces each time. My freezer stash is gone since I can't even pump enough for a full meal in one session. I am going to go back to the special blend.

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