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  • Daniel E Temkin - Used for 16 months, HERE IS THE SCOOP

    FIRST BEWARE of the "gorilla knobs" the knob for OFF L R Both Start which after use may get so difficult to turn, it hurts your hand, and locks in place. Not just on this, but the Multi Panel as well (Mode Selector knob). I am waiting for my third replacement for the Multi Panel, and my first replacement for the switch panel. I have seen numerous complaints on this, so, along with my 4 replacements because of these knobs, I feel it is a design issue, and they won't address it other than replacing.

  • Elizabeth - New Growth Central!!! It works

    I bought this based on all the reviews I have read. I have fine hair and my hair needed some help. I started taking this product and it's been a month. I recently got a relaxer (African American hair) a little around or before I bought this product and I had to get a another relaxer last week because of the new growth I had. It was a substantial amount of growth and I was skeptical about getting another relaxer but I had to. I happily got a touch up and I must say there is increased length and my hair looks a lot healthier. I'm a believer and I will be racking up on this.