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  • Rachelle Farrar - Like many with PCOS

    Like many with PCOS, I am unable to have a regular period. My naturopath gave this to me a couple years ago, along with my progesterone cream, and I was able to get back on track quite quickly. Unfortunately I stopped and have since recently restarted this regiment.

  • Roxanne - Fit/Healthy People Don't Purchase to get to the "next level"

    I was already a very active and healthy person, but I just wanted to lose some of the remaining weight in my midsection to start seeing some abs and whatnot. I did not really have weight to lose nor was I unhealthy.


    You are required to connect ALL the time, So guess what YOU CANT play when you want ONLY when EA wants you too.. Also, If you do manage to play for an hour. And you get booted from the server, it only saves on the cloud, so you lose everything.. TRUST EVERYBODY ELSE, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND AVOID.. greedy EA has destroyed this as most of the other games that were great a once.