Torrance Gastroenterologist | Dr. Su Sachar| Torrance, CA - Dr. Su Sachar is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist who currently practices in South Bay, Torrance, and Beverly Hills in association with Cedars-Sinai Hospital. She incorporates both health maintenance and disease prevention in her practice of Gastroenterologyand Hepatology.

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  • Sam I Am - John is the man

    yet another great work from John, who continues his prolific journey through the songwriter world. He is one of the best songwriters of all time. Great ballads, great orchestration, awesome musicianship. If you like John's previous work, you must add this one to your collection.

  • Steve J. - Worst software EVER

    Decided to buy this because Microsoft dropped Streets and Trips. I've used Streets and Trips for years and loved it. It did everything I needed and was easy to use. DeLorme Street Atlas is horrible. It is difficult to use and very difficult to navigate. I still haven't figured out how to do some of the things that were simple in Streets and Trips.

  • Harold J. Plamjack - Scratch fix(x)

    My first and only, thus far, fix was on my BMW wagon. It was scratched by a careless person operating a grocery cart where I was shopping.

  • Rackman1 - Good deal for the Money

    Performs as advertised. I do so little 3D work that I just could not justify the $4,200.00 price tag of "full blown" Autucad. If things change f my business, I can always just buy the upgrade.

  • Paul Smith - Obnoxious advertising.

    The product seems to work fine I have backed up two of my PCs to a portable USB HDD. The interface is simple and the backup tool seemed to work as expected. Fortunately I haven’t required to retrieve any information. But it all seems to be backed up.