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  • R. Cole - Good quality but runs large

    Quality is good. These run quite large though. At least a half size if not a full size. I am surprised because I already have a pair of of older Nike Flex and they are distinctly smaller.

  • Tammy Moore - we take this every day

    I read a lot of reviews before I started giving this to my son. He has been taking it since early fall and he has only gotten sick one time. It has been a bad winter this year for kids getting sick in our area, and he only got sick one time and he seemed to recover faster than other kids. I recommend this product.

  • A. Scientist - Really good for allergies

    This is a very effective product for runny noses and itchy eyes. A great substitute for over the counter antihistamines that have side effects. This does not cause drowsiness. The only potential draw back is that it contains bromelain which one can become allergic to if over used. Bromelain can thin the blood so people taking blood thinners should consult their doctors. Actually, I am a great fan of bromelain for treating allergies, bruises sprains, and even surgical recovery, but just be aware not to over use. This is really good stuff.

  • Phu Ngo - Good design. Battery significantly under-powered. Entry level. Not for tall people. Really 18V.

    I bought as my first battery operated lawn tool. Overall, this is a well deigned tool but with some short-comings if you are looking for a tool to do moderate or heavy-duty work. This is an entry level tool and good if you have a townhouse or small cottage that only requires light yard trim work. I wonder if Amazon will return a product based on poor performance. Oh by the way, per the manual: "Voltage measured without workload. Initial battery voltage reaches maximum of 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18 volts."

  • Aimili - the smell has changed, sooo disapponited.

    I kept buying this product for my kids becuase the smell was so wonderful. Many of my friends started using this products because of the smell too. But the latest shipment I received a few days ago has a totally different frangrance and different consistency. It is a lot more watery and has a very strong honey smell, which my kids don't like at all. I wish they could go back to the original formula...

  • Ashley - Great for getting rid of fine lines and healing wounds

    It smells a bit bad in my opinion, like a cow pasture (I'm from the mountains of North Carolina and I definitely recognized the scent), but I've never had such amazing results from any skincare product. I went in person to some local shops to confirm that the scent is typical of the product and it smelled essentially the same at each location (they were very high quality shops, one being the natural grocer Erewhon in central LA). I had noticed some fine lines reaching under my eyes toward my cheeks and flipped out; I'm 27. I ordered this oil from Acure after comparing against hundreds of other brands and felt confident that the quality was top notch. I was not let down. Within a week, my fine lines were nearly imperceptible and I'm very scrutinizing when it comes to my skin. To deal with the scent, I mix it with a few drops of Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse. It covers the scent quite well. Also, I've been using the oil on some skin shave-biopsy sites (aka big holes leftover from mole removal). I was using antibiotic ointment with no positive results; the sites looked red, inflamed, and like they were headed toward infection if they weren't already infected. I applied the argan oil to the sites after showering and then wet some thin gauze with filtered water and applied more argan oil directly to the gauze. I taped the moist gauze directly onto all four of the biopsy sites. By the next day, I took the gauze off and my mind was blown. These holes nearly the size of a pencil eraser that hadn't been healing for almost a week were nearly closed and flat! Most of the redness had gone down along with the swelling and itching. I will never be without this stuff again as a first aid ointment.