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  • Fredrick L. Murphy - indeed, "you thought you knew him"

    The majority of Americans voted for Barak Hussein OBama, two terms in a row, and that speaks volumes of where we are at as a Nation and individually. My family did not vote for him, but we honor the position of the Presidency appropriately...regardless.

  • Ashley - the pills are easy to swallow and they do not taste bitter

    This eye vision health supplement is a complete eyesight formula that supplies your eyes with essential nutrients that protect them as you age and that provide the vital nutrients for the production of healthy cells. It also helps support clearer vision with age, supply vital eye care nutrients for the production of new cells, protect eyes from oxidation damage with antioxidants, and as an added bonus, it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. In my opinion, the pills are easy to swallow and they do not taste bitter. Great product and great brand! I received a discount on this product in a special promotion. My review, my opinion and experience is honest and 100% genuine. If you found this review helpful then please, please, please give me a yes vote. I appreciate it so, so much!

  • Young - Good

    It works only if you go to a dealer to program it, at my place the programming is asked $106 by the dealer. So at first I went to a locksmith, but...they cannot get it done, and they also destroy my old key!!! I have to tow my car to dealer...

  • Simón - IT WORKS!

    This product works great and I first heard about it through Scotty Kilmer on YouTube. I thought how could a product like this be so versatile and really work great. I love the fact that it soaks in and does not wash away with rain or water. I used it on my 1991 Cadillac Deville that was squeaking from the front driver-side shock. Once I applied the spray and let it sit for a day (as suggested by Scotty Kilmer) the squeaking had vanished and the car was riding quiet again. I also when all around the car and sprayed all the rubber bushings and what not after re-greasing all the ports.

  • AKCh - Sturdy enough for my goats.

    I use this for a couple of goats. Was skeptical about the quality when I first received it. Each panel is pretty weak on its own, but when put together its actually pretty sturdy. I have goats that jump on top of it and it hasn't had a problem. Easy to muck out, pop panels off for cleaning and snap back together again. The igloos are still higher quality, but you can't beat the price of this unit.