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  • Maria Swaby - I cannot tell yet what the effect on my hair is but they are definitely horrible for my skin

    These vitamins made my nails grow fast and made them stronger. I cannot tell yet what the effect on my hair is but they are definitely horrible for my skin. They made me break out in big pussy pimples and made my skin very oily. I had to stop taking them which is a pity because I do not like taking pills and l liked this gummy bear version and the raspberry flavor.

  • Kevin C - Works Great

    Product really works great. I've been dealing with since my Army days. My doctor said the prescription treatment isn't guaranteed and that the OTC stuff wouldn't work, (that was 8-9 years ago). I tried this and am seeing improvement and am very pleased.

  • tammie 77 - Reminds me of when I was little my grandmother making ham salad

    I gave this meat grinder five stars because the quality is very nice the description is completely accurate and the picture looks exactly like the handcrank manual meat grinder that I received when I first got this I cleaned it up and suction cupped it to my counter and you do that just by moving the lever in the middle of the base and it sticks and holds very good since I'm trying to eat healthier but I still have cravings and I like a lot of comfort foods this helps me with one of my cravings I really like ham salad and to get that fat free in the stores it cost an arm and a leg and now I can make it at home and I know exactly what I'm putting in it and how many calories by using this grinder I can also use leaner cuts of meat and make my own hamburger patties and again I know exactly how much fat I'm putting in it this it is a very nice and easy to use hand crank meat grinder reminds me of the old metal ones that my grandmother used to have I received this hand-crank meat grinder in exchange for an honest review but that did not influence me or encourage me to give it five stars I based it solely on the performance and the quality of the manual meat grinder and my personal opinion that I really liked it so I hope this review has helped

  • Tech Savvy - Best Stop Leak I have used so far.

    I have a 2007 Impala that leaks like a sieve. I literally have oil leaking from every single place possible... no exaggeration! My car takes 5w30. I first tried high mileage oil with substituting a quart of oil for a quart of Lucas Engine Stop Leak. This may have slowed down the oil leaks, but did not cure them. After running the 5w30 with Lucas for a month, I drained the oil and tried a new combination.

  • Amazon Customer - Gentle yet effective, no greasy feeling and on irritation on my skin it is the very best!

    Gold Bond is the only lotion I can use that won't irritate my skin, Gold Bond is the very best and for the money it simply just cant be beat. I use only Gold Bond products, I can count on them to do what they say they will do. The lotion is wonderful and never any greasy feeling like so many upscale lotions. Their lotion for the feet is also great, really works. I'm a true believer in anything Gold Bond makes, when I shop I go straight to the Gold Bond products, I can count on them not to irritate my skin which is so sensitive. Recently a friend gave me a bottle of a well know brand of lotion from a store that specialized in lotions and sprays that smell good, but after using the highly know product my skin became red and irritated, now I simply bypass any other lotions and go straight to Gold Bond, it is the best on the market!

  • Lisa Dear - It works!

    I started losing hair due to a medication I was taking. It took about 2 months to begin to see the new hair coming back in after starting Rogaine but in it came! I highly recommend it. Easy to put on and it works.