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  • The Smile Bank - Quienes Somos | The Smile Bank - The Smile Bank es una empresa todavía joven, puesta en marcha entre familiares y amigos, que se dedica a la producción y venta de artículos pers...
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    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • L. Gendron - From Tundra to Rav 4

    Haven't had this vehicle for long but so far I like it. Had a Toyota Tundra prior to the Rav and absolutely loved it. It stayed in the family so I still drive it when I need to haul gas can s and such. Ask me again in 6 months or so when we have 2 feet of snow.

  • DrZgembo - Can't Record while camera is plugged in.

    Good Basic Camcorder for the need... The Question and Answer section is misleading. Seller indicates you can record while the battery is charging... that is not the case. Recording is not possible while the camera is plugged in

  • Carol Daniel - Simple but effective!

    Nice product. This is a an easy to use diffuser, perfect for the beginning essential oil user or more advanced. The design is pleasing, very sleek and non-intrusive. The function are basic with mist continual or 30 seconds on/30 seconds off. The lights can be turned off or can be left to on so that different colors cycle through. If the light is set to off, there is still a small light to indicate that the unit is on. It's either green or red depending on the mist setting. It comes with a tiny "pitcher" to use to fill the interior tank. Be careful to read the instructions as the full mark on this pitcher is 120ml but the recommended amount of water to use is 100ml which is the perfect level. It's easy to clean - just wipe out the interior with a soft paper towel or cloth. If you change the type of oil you are using, clean the diffuser with a small amount of lemon juice. The will insure that the residue from one oil doesn't effect the scent of the new oil you use. The one drawback for me is that the tank does not last all night. I use it in my bedroom with a blend of lavender and bergamot oils at night. I'm not sure the exact length of time it lasts but it's always shut off when I wake up. The tank has an automatic shutoff when the water has been depleted. It is a very quiet unit which makes it ideal for use in the bedroom. I have a nebulizer that was fairly expensive but it is annoyingly loud. I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have no affiliation with Viva Naturals. My opinion is based solely on my use of the product and how it has worked for me.

  • etapi65 - Great ball

    Great indoor V-ball, no complaints. Used it on indoor and outdoor courts. It works wonderfully. I would suggest this to anyone as a solid v-ball

  • Bruce M. Rosen - Excellent ADVANCED user Access Guide and Reference book

    Very well documented. walks the user through which Ribbon and buttons are needed to complete each example. Leaves out Macros saying there is enough information found in the Access Help text and else where. It does cover VBA.

  • Roamer - Horrible. Little to any real information

    Horrible. Little to any real information. The entire book seems dedicated to validating liberal, left wing, policies of government for the past decades. I guess you could call it a history lesson very biased towards socialism, so it may have some merit, but it is certainly not worth the price.