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  • Langston Thomas - Holistic Health. Know Yourself

    As a Yoruba priest/new world Babalawo this book is very important and useful to me. This purchase represents an update to my library as I already had an earlier edition

  • Caecus Fidelis Modica - Please don’t make my mistake.

    iHealth products are great and very innovative. HOWEVER; as a Newly Diagnosed individual with pre Diabetes. I’m a little upset with the purchase process. If at this point you feel the need to presume I am naive, then please do so. - Here goes. When purchasing the products for checking my glucose levels. I never once saw in the Amazon description, nor in the related items that I would need a “Control Test Solution” proprietary or otherwise. I never even knew such a thing existed. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I received my iHealth items from Amazon, only to discover that I needed testing solution first, or my results would have been way off. I searched for a way to advise Amazon of this “snag” in the process, and when I could not find one. I had to resort to offering my experience here. I honestly had no idea that a “Control Test Solution” or as they are referred to as “Coding Solution” was needed. I spent hours on the weekend in a futile effort to find that damn solution. I didn’t find it and had to buy a completely new testing system that displayed a “NON-CODING” advisor.....

  • ted haslam - really interesting for we liberals to read

    So many parts of the books early chapters are riveting and supported by data selected to support the conundrum of our way of life. We can all see ourselves in this book even if we would like to be beyond its thesis. For once we do not blame our circumstances on racial profiling....however we do slip into a dissection that believes we control our future, we do not live a part of a global world and market, we can hope our way out of it, and that Americans are the ONLY exceptional people in the world. The book speaks to regaining our values without acknowledging that our values were built on colonialism, imperialism, acceptance of minority views if they were kept to themselves, and greed. The book seems to advocate Christian fundamentalism as the basis to American exceptionalism, when it was religious diversity and occasionally unfettered immigration that seems to have been more profound in the success of the American project. Fascinating read however .

  • Deuce - Stubby Antenna

    Received the stubby antenna on time as projected. Looks Great, fits perfect. Good reception, the channels that always came in clear, continue to come in clear. Works about the same as the stock antenna, but looks much better and now no problems with car wash!