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  • Crystal Carter - Simply Awesome

    I love to charge the battery pack from the wall and take it with me on certain trips. It's a great emergency charge for my cell phone. I find that I can get about 1.5 charges on my drained iPhone 4. Charges very quickly from the wall. The panels are great as well, very small and lightweight. Have only used them a couple of times. Great product!

  • Jessie Sprinkle - Meh...

    2 of 5 stars because only 2 of 5 balloons lasted more than 3 minutes without popping or the light quitting

  • Scott M - Worth every penny.

    Perfect solution. Fixed a leak in my 96 civic. It's been 3 weeks now and still as good as new. Saved me a ton of money.

  • lydia wagner - Warning; If you have the latest version of Windows, do not attempt to upgrade or purchase this version of Act.

    I have been using act since the DOS days. They have "crashed and burned" on this latest version. I purchased a new computer with Windows ver 10. My Act stopped working so support suggested I upgrade as it was not compatible with the latest version of Act. I did a trial version for 30 days which was a nightmare. Half the time I was getting error messages "out of index" or the sql would not work. Support said to go to run and restart the sql. I had to do that several times. Now my trial version has expired and after talking to a support rep named "Jake" in the states, he said they cannot extend the trial period and if I pay $250 I can upgrade to version 17 which he is sure would work with the latest windows. I think I have wasted enough time with this this and am moving on. It was a good program at one time but I could not recommend it to my staff or another company.

  • PuddlethePoodle - More swing patterns than other swings but baby outgrows it much faster.

    We used the Mamaroo for our son and then sold it before we got our second baby girl. She has the SnugaBunny Fischer Price Swing so I'll compare the two.

  • John Bielick - Great Antenna

    I ordered this antenna to replace my broken one on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. The replacement antenna fits and works great! I received the antenna from CravenSpeed packaged very well, and delivered on-time. The product I received was exactly how it was described.